Entertainment industry

No Good Deed

Change is good for business

Change is coming. It’s that moment right at the beginning when the ground starts to swell and there is the inevitable push to stamp it down – people starting to stand up against their own fear of the consequences of […]


NFL football is ruining the television industry

NFL football is ruining the television industry. Sure, ratings for games have never been higher. So, naturally, it just makes a ton of sense to put Thursday night games on primetime for half of the year, right? You’ll watch it. […]

Puppy, Marily Manson and Dita Von Teese

My glamorous Hollywood career… and why I gave it up

I drove up the pitch-black canyon roads en route to Marilyn Manson’s Hollywood Hills mansion, my headlights wending their way around the near 180 curves in the road. My newly purchased cell phone rang every few seconds from the passenger […]


Why the Motion Picture & Television Fund is a family affair

When writer-producer-director Nunnally Johnson came to Hollywood in 1932 and started making contributions to the Motion Picture Relief Fund, he had no idea how the beginning of that relationship would resonate through three generations. I’m sure though that my father-in-law […]


Good notes and bad notes

Dear random Hollywood person who reads scripts and gives notes, I have been working “in Hollywood” since 2007. Not counting those four internships that I did while in college. I got really kick ass at copying scripts and making coffee. […]

diploma and drugs

I came to Hollywood with a degree in one hand and a drug addiction in the other

I came to Hollywood with a degree in one hand and a drug addiction in the other. Neither thing got me anywhere in the beginning. I got here in 1986. Life was very different in Hollywood then. It was much […]

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