Eddie Gamarra


First Comic-Con memories

Friday July 25th. 7:25AM. Union Station. My assistant Biz arrives, excited for her first Con. While it’s no Hogwart’s Express, the Pacific Surfliner whisks us off to another magical place – San Diego. As we chugged along the beach, I […]

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from Hollywood Journal

Favorite on screen couple Do I have to relinquish my man-card if I say Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams? (The Notebook) – Jason Benoit, Esq. Hubbell and K-K-K-Katie (The Way We Were) – Stella Braintree Mitchell Pritchett and Cam Tucker (Modern Family) […]

Movies and marriage

Three things action movies taught me about marriage

Action movies are supremely satisfying. They are also incredibly helpful instruction manuals on how to maintain a healthy marriage. If you’re looking for romance this Valentine’s Day, cue up these three and get ready to fall in love again. Total […]


Three things musicals taught me about marriage

The Wizard of Oz – Travel… It’s impossible not to hear the echoes of Dorothy Gale’s famous line, “there’s no place like home.” The film’s coda about familial nostalgia is timeless, but more importantly, the film demonstrates how adventure forces us to […]


What ‘Hollywood Journal’ is grateful for…

Ashley Ballard – My beautiful family, the love and support we share, health, joy, laughter, strength, our talents and the freedom to share them! Jaime Becker – My family. Duh. Such a cliche, right? Better yet I should say I […]


Hurricane Sandy: Survival is a collaborative art

October 29th, 2012. The storm raged. Evacuation warnings had been issued. Like many Staten Islanders, my parents had been told to evacuate, just like when Hurricane Irene hit 10 months prior. Like many, they had not been affected by Irene. […]

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