Documentary filmmaking


Why mind over matter wins in ‘Bite Size’ movie

With countless food documentaries, fad diets that tell us that we can lose weight from only eating cookies (yes, there is a diet that actually endorses desserts as a weight loss technique) and national icons like the First Lady, with […]

ATW October 12, 2014

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Net neutrality

What pot legalization tells us about the importance of net neutrality

Pot legalization is making significant headlines lately with both Senator Harry Reid and President Barack Obama making positive comments about it. As the documentary we are working on demonstrates, a major part of what helped the movement organize, be heard […]

Honor to be nominated

Honor to be nominated

On February 9, 1998, I awoke to the news that would change my life in so many ways: I had been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary for the film The Long Way Home, which I produced […]