Creative Artists Agency (CAA)

Robin Williams

Good Will Hurting

I’m about to do a thing that often irks me when I see others do it – connect myself to a tragedy that in reality has nothing at all to do with me. I guess we do it for cathartic […]

ER cast

The resurrection of ‘ER’

This is part 2 of the birth of ER (click here to read part 1). Our first and only network pitch of ER had been a disaster, and I was dreading the call from NBC with their verdict on the […]


The birth of ‘ER’

It was some evening in late January ‘93 when the telephone rang at our home. My wife picked up and handed me the phone — NBC’s President Warren Littlefield was on the line. He told me that NBC was not […]


Stay out of show business

Whenever I’d ask my dad for a tip (as in money; for some reason I was always scheming my father for a gratuity as a child), he’d respond with a sharp “I’ve gotta tip for you, stay out of show […]

Tony Krantz first Hollywood job

Inside CAA’s training program – my first Hollywood job

The early 80s at CAA (Creative Artists Agency) were like no other moment in that agency’s meteoric rise — literally every week a small xeroxed memo would circulate through in-boxes saying, “Dustin Hoffman is now a client”, “Robert Redford is […]

Michael Peretzian

Nobody grows up wanting to be an agent

By some twist of fate, I landed in the William Morris mailroom. I had gone to UCLA for seven years getting a BA in Motion Picture Production, an MA in the History of the Theater, an MFA in Directing for […]

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