Sam Simon

If there’s an afterlife, Sam Simon has everyone laughing

Before my grandmother died at the age of 102, she told me that my grandfather, great aunt and great uncle were together in an apartment waiting for her so they could finally play cards. I’ve never been a religious or […]

Zosia Mamet

Zosia Mamet

“Comedy arises out of necessity, because some things are so dark that you have to laugh about it.”
– Zosia Mamet

ATW November 11, 2014

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Garry Marshall

Thank you, Garry Marshall

I remember the exact moment when my life got a whole lot funnier. It was a cold NJ night in 1978. I was watching Happy Days with my parents, like we did every week. Obviously it was way before I […]

Robin Williams

Laughter & tears: Remembering Robin Williams

I was 3 years old when Mork & Mindy first aired. Back then, parents weren’t so concerned about kids watching television. In fact, my first word was “Ayyyy” (thank you, Fonzie) and my second word was “Nanu nanu.” I was […]


Cool meaningful friends and hot meaningless sex

In 2002, I ended my 14 year marriage and began the rest of my life. A life I imagined filled with warm, meaningful conversation with old friends, and hot, meaningless sex with new strangers. I envisioned reinvention and a fresh […]

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