Claudia Grazioso


How I got my “yes” back

“We want the juicy.” “It has to be noisy.” “Bring the sexy.” “This is big, we want huge.” Those are notes I have heard again and again over the last few years. I am naturally none of those things. Instead, […]


What ‘Hollywood Journal’ is grateful for…

Ashley Ballard – My beautiful family, the love and support we share, health, joy, laughter, strength, our talents and the freedom to share them! Jaime Becker – My family. Duh. Such a cliche, right? Better yet I should say I […]

Red Sox

It’s always bottom of the ninth in Hollywood

You Are Entering The Home Of A Devout Red Sox Fan. Cheer Accordingly Or Shut Up. This is the sign that greets visitors at my parents’ house and as it makes clear, my father is a devoted Sox fan and […]


A star is born

“You should get them agents.” “She should be in front of a camera.” My husband and I have heard that about our children for years, but we have never bitten. In fact, we have carefully avoided trying to encourage any […]