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Clint Eastwood

“Children teach you that you can still be humbled by life, that you learn something new all the time. That’s the secret to life, really – never stop learning. It’s the secret to career. I’m still working because I learn something new all the time. It’s the secret to relationships. Never think you got it all.”
– Clint Eastwood


The Book Guy

I’ve always been a reader. As a kid, I preferred to bury my face in an anthology of fairy tales over playing sports with the guys on the block. Books, before movies, were my sanctuary, my oasis, my home. As […]


The Book Widow

Recently I tweeted . . . Dinner date with husband tonight. Huge treat to be in the same room without one or both of us sleeping and/or working. #modernmarriage And it’s true. One of the hardest things about this industry […]


I don’t want to die

“I don’t want to die.” Moments ago, I said those words aloud to my five year old daughters.  I know what you’re thinking, way to go, Barry.  Solid work trying to traumatize your girls. But I did say it.  Vigorously.  […]