Charles Shaughnessy

King Lear

See better, Lear

In Shakespeare’s monumental tragedy about an arrogant King who divides his kingdom amongst avaricious daughters, King Lear’s advisor, Kent, advises him to think carefully about his actions. Lear has just scorned the one daughter who actually cares about him in […]

General Hospital

How this soap fan checked into ‘General Hospital’

“Basically, what they’re saying is that you’re just not really good-looking enough!” Surprisingly, and no one was more surprised than me, my over-riding emotion at this moment was not one of crushing self-doubt and despair, nor one of humiliation and […]


What ‘Hollywood Journal’ is grateful for…

Ashley Ballard – My beautiful family, the love and support we share, health, joy, laughter, strength, our talents and the freedom to share them! Jaime Becker – My family. Duh. Such a cliche, right? Better yet I should say I […]


Who killed network TV?

10,000 years ago this Friday night, like every Friday night, the whole tribe left their caves to gather at the “story cave” for the most anticipated event of the week: story time! A big fire had been built at the […]

hollywood journal summer vacation

How ‘Hollywood Journal’ spent the summer – Part 3

Hollywood Journal‘s contributors had a memorable summer full of great adventures and wonderful experiences. Have fun scrolling through the final episode of “How Hollywood Journal spent the summer” … Kara Holden – Top left: The famous sign from the Notre […]


A conversation on violence

Our society, like any civilized, twenty-first century society, is faced with many fundamental dilemmas. They are fundamental because they run through the very fabric of that society and affect us all in so many subtle and not-so-subtle ways. I am […]

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