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ATW August 4, 2014

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Take the stairs

Take the stairs

This morning, I came across a quote by Jennifer Lewis that resonated deep inside. “The elevator to success is broken. Take the stairs. Work hard for your success and it will last.” All too often, I feel like that mouse […]

Tennis player

Are you for real?

There was a film I was casting a few years ago called Godspeed. It was reminiscent of Open Water in that the story was about a small group of friends in their early 30’s, who go out for an afternoon […]

Halloween horror

The beauty of horror

In honor of Halloween, I share the following thoughts: Possessed by the devil, speaking in tongues, writhing in pain, dying a gruesome, unimaginable death. They say it’s impolite to slow down in traffic to rubberneck and watch the gory aftermath […]

Empty audience

Tell your story, find your audience, connect the dots

I am jonesing to be in New York right now and to be able to attend the Future of StoryTelling, a conference about new creative ways and technologies to communicate stories. As a connoisseur of independent film and a casting […]

working together

This advice will change your life

I want you to re-frame the way you’ve been thinking about meetings and auditions. I’ve been reading a lot of comments to my articles and blogs using the phrase “the other side of the table” when referring to the Casting […]

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