Breaking into Hollywood


Sometimes no’s are premature

One rule I’ve made for myself in Hollywood is don’t give up until you hear the word no, and even then that may be premature. I started my first screenplay about six years ago. A close writer friend of mine […]

Breaking into Hollywood

Breaking through ‘The Wall’

True or false? It just takes one script to break a writer into the industry… True and false. One script can break through that barrier between Hollywood Land and No Man’s Land, but that one script is smudged and smeared […]

Long road

The myth of overnight success

After 20+ years in the mainstream entertainment industry, most of it as a hiring executive, and 5 years as the writer of an entertainment career website, Your Industry Insider, I released a book called Breaking Into the Biz: The Insider’s […]


If you’re not “on”, don’t go to the party

Circa 1999, I was living at home with my mother in New York City about three months out of college. I thought I wanted to be a theatre agent. The day I got a job in the WMA NY mailroom, […]

Band management

What I learned working for Satan

I had been a manager for a while, but it didn’t really count since I didn’t get paid and I had no idea what the hell I was doing. To give you a bit of background, I was writing for […]

Twin Peaks

Art, sushi and David Lynch

It was 1989 and I was sitting at a sushi bar telling my father that I hated my job testing business software, and that, having just settled on the idea, what I really wanted to do was break into the […]

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