Be present.


How to clean up your life one mess at a time

Boy, oh boy… 2015 has started off with a lot of bangs! At the end of last year, my husband and I decided to fly by the seat of our pants and buy the house of our dreams (and by […]

Hollywood Zen

Five ways to Hollywood zen

I’m a single, independent writer/producer over 25 (be quiet) and even though I’ve been studying yoga and meditation for 20 years, participated in 4 silent retreats and lived in an ashram, I still get stressed. Yoga’s not a cure-all. Nothing is. Having a […]

Solar system

The freedom to be excited about change

It has recently come to my attention that change does not have to be end-of-the-world devastating. Change can, in fact, be exciting. I am a writer/actor which by definition means I live a life of change. The only thing in […]