Barry Levy



I’m not a conspiracy theorist. It’s not that I think people are inherently good. Let’s be clear: I don’t and they’re not. Rather, I’m a cynic by nature, and I simply don’t believe that human beings are capable of covering […]


My inner Greg

Last weekend, my wife was away on a girls weekend and I did what I always do when I have all three kids on my own. I run them into the ground. Personally, I’ve always been the guy who likes […]


My mistake

This past Saturday night, I had no choice but to restrain my wife. It’s true. My arms around hers. My hand covering her mouth. For those of you curious, there are photos and video of the event floating in the […]


“The Princess and the Pea,” revisited

My daughter once shoved a pea up her nose. She was two. Curious. And well, the rest seems self-evident. Despite our best efforts, she jammed the little sucker right on up there to the point we needed to go to […]



Writing plot twists is never actually about the reveal, but about the set up. Sure, the Sixth Sense’s surprise ending is incredible, but it only works because of the 100 pages that came before it. In fact, if you go […]


Stage fright

My daughter’s class is performing later this week.  She’s terrified.  And by terrified, I mean she involuntarily shakes, refusing to perform and unable to discuss.  There isn’t going to be a punch line to this paragraph.  There really is nothing […]

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