Audition process

pin drop

Committing the ultimate Hollywood sin

I was casting a TV pilot a few years ago and one of the roles was described as an “Old World Hollywood agent. He even wears a pocket square in his suit jacket.” All of the lovely actors who came […]

Halloween horror

The beauty of horror

In honor of Halloween, I share the following thoughts: Possessed by the devil, speaking in tongues, writhing in pain, dying a gruesome, unimaginable death. They say it’s impolite to slow down in traffic to rubberneck and watch the gory aftermath […]

acting collage

Bite your tongue

I’m an actor. This job of being an actor has paid my bills for quite some time. I’ve been on Broadway. I’ve been in movies. I’ve been in TV shows… and I’ve been in commercials – lots of commercials. I […]

working together

This advice will change your life

I want you to re-frame the way you’ve been thinking about meetings and auditions. I’ve been reading a lot of comments to my articles and blogs using the phrase “the other side of the table” when referring to the Casting […]


Selling auditions: is nothing sacred?!

UPDATE 2:30 pm PST April 2, 2013 As of 2:30pm PST we have word that the Casting Directors have taken the audition tapes off the auction block, and instead are donating them to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and […]