Aaron Cooley


Saved by Spock

Picture yourself living in a time with only five or six channels on your television set. A world in which your computer can only access the floppy discs you slip inside it — assuming you’ve got a computer at all. […]

movie and tv promotions

Why don’t movie studios make pilots?

I’ll remember 2013 as the year TV won. The summer movies were almost uniformly devoid of magic, over-franchised, over-story-structured, over-sequelled and over-CGI’d. Meanwhile, TV continues to overflow with creative genius. This realization has led me to wonder if perhaps TV […]

Greetings from Hollywood Journal

How ‘Hollywood Journal’ spent the summer – Part 2

From Boston to Juneau and Calgary to Jerusalem, Hollywood Journal‘s contributors had a marvelous summer visiting our wonderful world. Have fun scrolling through their holiday highlights! Enjoy the second album (more to follow)!! Felicia Cameron – My wedding day!  Lynnette Ramirez […]

Football over the Hollywood sign

A career in Hollywood as one long football game

If you’re wondering how close we are to the kick-off of football season, try this: turn on any of the ESPN family of networks and count how many times the word “Manziel” is uttered in a 5-minute span. It would […]

Visual effects

Visual effects were better in the ‘80s

The visual effects (VFX) industry declared a state of emergency at this year’s Academy Awards. Artists picketed outside the Dolby Theatre, and the Oscar winners from Rhythm & Hues tried to turn their acceptance speech into a political one – […]


Should I go to Comic-Con?

Reading headlines in Deadline and the trades over the last couple weeks might lead you to believe that San Diego Comic-Con (or hashtag SDCC, as it’s become known on my internet machine) is the biggest event of the year in […]

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