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No news really is good news

by Matt Boren

I used to get bits and pieces of world news from Facebook links. But as some of you know, I deleted Facebook five months ago. And for those of you wondering how that’s going, I will tell you this: I have never been so cyber happy. I had a great run with Facebook. Reunited with all of my overnight camp friends, NYU friends and some long lost childhood friends. And scene.

But what I thought I was missing were those news links. Interesting articles about far off places on planet Earth. Links to great things like Space discoveries (Like) and new insects in distant rain forests (Like). There were also the links to things we need to know about if we count ourselves as compassionate human beings: atrocities, elephant killers, rich Americans going on safari to kill tigers so they could come back to the States and share the images with their rich, but not as rich, friends. Who knew that killing a tiger could be as bragalicious as posting that you just made out with JLo at an audition for her new film.

So without my Facebook newsfeed, I went out into the virtual world of news apps. I downloaded all of the good ones. And tonight, right after I type the last word of this here post, I will follow in my own Facebook deleting footsteps and x the apps until they shake. I am done with the news. My heart is so broken from reading it. I am heartbroken from the news.

I am not thick-skinned enough or steeled enough to read about honor killings in India (and then in an attempt to understand, researching all of the countries in the world that allow families to brutally kill their children in the name of religion, status, stain). I can’t read about the guns anymore and the loud voices that still believe there is no issue with them. I can’t read about militias ambushing civilians, Putin and his government seeking to destroy gay people, a small town in America about to be taken over by white supremacists who pledge to beautify the small town with swastika flags.

I am done with the news. Like, dizzzzzone. Dunzo.

Do we have to be informed? I mean, how informed do we have to be?

Matt Boren

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Matt Boren grew up on the East Coast. He is a writer/actor currently living in Los Angeles. He danced to "My Prerogative" at his bar mitzvah where his theme was Hollywood.

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