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Waking up in Hollywood

by Matt Boren

I knew my two year run on a sitcom was coming to an end. I had made a list of things I would do in the weeks following the series finale. I was so in control of this next phase of my life I even managed to sell a pilot before the curtain fell on our fifty-fifth and final episode.

What I didn’t put on my list was going into a deep meditation about what I want to do in this life. I did not plan for the big questions – How do I want to use myself to help others? What do I really want to do here on planet Earth?

Four weeks out of a writer’s room and I have woken up in another galaxy. Hollywood, Other Galaxy 90210.

I am learning about my potential and like yours, it is pretty incredible. I want to live up to it. I want to see you the way I wish for you to see me – as a human being braving the day again, walking toward light and away from dark. I did not have Marianne Williamson on my post sitcom list either. But alas, she is there.

I knew my compass was pointing in a direction I wasn’t very familiar with, however I kept avoiding its shaking arrow – pretending it would just point me back to a place I knew… unemployed, hustle your ass off, sell sell sell, be funny and stand out and get discovered all over again. That’s not where it was directing me. That’s not where I ended up.

I am not sure where I am going but I know it will be incredible. I know where I am now and it is beautiful.

Matt Boren

About Matt Boren

Matt Boren grew up on the East Coast. He is a writer/actor currently living in Los Angeles. He danced to "My Prerogative" at his bar mitzvah where his theme was Hollywood.

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