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Thank you ‘Breaking Bad’

by Josh Kesselman

So, in case you’ve been hiding under a rock, Breaking Bad just had its series finale. I happen to represent the one and only Giancarlo Esposito aka Gus Fring. You will not find a more gracious, sincere human being. It’s an absolute pleasure representing him.

Last month, Giancarlo and I attended Aaron Paul‘s charity event at the Hollywood Cemetery to watch the finale. Aaron and his wife raised $1.8 million for the Kind Campaign! It was surreal, and a night I will never forget.

It started out at the Four Seasons with car service to the cemetery. We got there early so Giancarlo could film Talking Bad with Jimmy Kimmel, Vince Gilligan, Aaron, Anna Gunn, RJ Mitte and Jonathan Banks. Since that show airs live with the East Coast feed, they put all the reps in a small room to watch the finale before filming the live broadcast. I sat on an uncomfortable chair in a very hot room next to a very sweet couple (never found out what their affiliation to the show was). The production people told us to please not text, tweet or Email anything about the show and threatened to take our phones away.

Breaking Bad

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Then the lights went down. Needless to say, I was blown away. In the world of “the golden age of television,” this finale had a lot riding on it. I watched and my jaw was on the floor an hour later. I ran out of the room to find Giancarlo to discuss the episode. He was watching it in his trailer with Anna, RJ and Jonathan. He came out of the trailer with the same look I had on my face. We were floating!

Words cannot describe how I felt at that moment to be able to say that I was involved with that show. It was one of those moments that no paycheck outweighs. It was a real career highlight (similar to when Giancarlo was nominated for an Emmy for the same show).

I slave every day in this business sometimes wondering what I am doing. To have the chance, the honor to work with talent that created a show this influential and culturally relevant makes it all worth it. I was a part of it!

After Giancarlo, Vince and the rest of the group finished filming Talking Bad, the real fun began. Giancarlo stayed behind with the cast to make an entrance for the big screening. They all got into a Winnebago and put on Hazmat suits. We went to the lawn which was crazy! Every celebrity you can think of was at this event. They had lawn chairs with embroidered blankets with Breaking Bad written on them.

Open bar, catered food, beautiful night. I sat down and noticed a conversation behind me. I heard someone say “it is such an honor to be sitting next to you Mr. Buffett.” I turned around and sitting behind me, wrapped up in a Breaking Bad blanket with a knit cap on his head, was Warren Buffett! He flew out from Omaha just to sit in a lawn chair at a cemetery with hundreds of people to watch the finale. He is a huge fan and every Monday in their staff meetings, they discuss the night before’s episode. Now, that is cool!

Giancarlo showed up to his seat and I whispered in his ear “Warren Buffett is sitting behind us.” He didn’t believe me. Later that night Warren asked Giancarlo where the other half of his face went.

After Aaron Paul and his wife delivered a passionate appeal on behalf of their organization, they showed the Breaking Bad pilot episode and then the finale. Vince Gilligan had never seen any of his episodes with an audience this big. It was simply amazing.

I know I am sounding repetitive, but I feel blessed to have any affiliation to this show. Thank you Breaking Bad. Thank you Giancarlo.

Josh Kesselman

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