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No attraction, no aversion

by Perry Zimel

‘No Attraction, No Aversion.’ That is what the mystic of Hollywood has always held for me. Being a Talent Manager living in Toronto, Canada, has made working in Hollywood interesting… yet different.

When I started out in the business a quarter of a century ago where everything was face to face meetings and telephone calls, Hollywood felt so far away. Now as we have advanced into the world of emails, skype calls, iphone facetime, etc., Hollywood is there in a ‘click’ of a button. You can physically be around the world and be ‘in Hollywood’.

But are you?  Are you really there? How are you received by the people who consider themselves ‘IN’ Hollywood? You have a very different perspective of ‘Hollywood Life’ when you physically are only ‘IN’ it one week every 5 weeks (or so).

I always enjoy my time in Los Angeles and find people very warm and welcoming. In fact, because they know I am only here for a short period of time, it is rare that they cancel a face to face meeting with me because they know I won’t be back for another month. I get emails from people saying ‘I hear you are in town’, ‘I need to see you’.

Need?! That is an interesting word to me.Why do they need to see me? Do they not have people in their lives that they ‘need’ and see whenever they want?

As I venture into trying to understand why they ‘need’ me and what that means, I realize that Hollywood can be a fantastic and warm place, but it also can be a cold and distancing. Which is it? Is it a place of opportunity and dreams being realized or a place of misfortune and dreams being squashed?

Having one foot in and one foot out, I think it is a world of both. It is a world where everyday, in fact every second, a choice is to be made. A choice of Attraction or Aversion or No Attraction, No Aversion.  What do you choose? What do you ‘want’ or ‘need!’ out of it? Do you live as a ‘whole’ person within the world of Hollywood or does Hollywood define you and therefore the illusion is that you are ‘whole’??

I am fortunate enough that the one foot ‘out’ of Hollywood keeps me balanced and grounded. I choose to not get caught up in the draw of Hollywood. I choose to commit to work while committing to myself, my personal growth, my family. I sometimes have to jump on a plane to solve a ‘problem’ and fly in and out in as little as 24 hours, but I don’t have to not be at a family member’s birthday or have dinner with a friend in need because I have to attend an ‘opening’ or a ‘premiere’ and be seen.

A dear friend of mine who is a producer in Hollywood constantly reminds me that I have the best of both worlds. I live a life that I have designed for myself. I (for lack of a better expression) have my cake and eat it too. I live ‘IN’ Hollywood, and at the same time don’t.

Perry Zimel

About Perry Zimel

Perry Zimel, a Toronto based manager is an anomaly in the entertainment business. A full-service talent & literary manager who works through lunch & speaks the painful truths up front. Follow me on TWITTER! @perryzimelmgr

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