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How ‘Hollywood Journal’ spent the summer – Part 3

by soul of the biz

Hollywood Journal‘s contributors had a memorable summer full of great adventures and wonderful experiences. Have fun scrolling through the final episode of “How Hollywood Journal spent the summer” …

Kara Holden vacation

Kara HoldenTop left: The famous sign from the Notre Dame locker room seen in Rudy – part of a research trip for a script I’m writing.
Bottom left: P
ontooning on Big Bear Lake, my favorite place to go
to get away from the craziness of the city.
Right: Chicago after my family reunion.
I was blessed with a very busy and full summer!

Adam Chanzit

Adam Chanzit – Deep in the Rocky Mountains,
filming with friends at 12,500 feet!

Tammi Leader Fuller

Tammi Leader Fuller – Hollywood Bowl-ing with my parents –
fellow contributor Joan Leader and Jerry Leader –
as George Benson plays Nat King Cole!

Eileen Grubba summer

Eileen Grubba – Top: Directing from my prison cell in the Czech Republic. Bottom: Visiting Germany.

Mia Schaikewitz summer

Mia Schaikewitz – Taking the show on the sand and finding a new use
for the term “beach chair”!

Peter Riche summer

Peter Riche –  and his neutrally buoyant family!

Minter Lewis summer

Diane Minter Lewis – Top left: With daughter Noa in New York with Dorothy from Say Yes to the Dress.
Top right: Noa and son Max enjoying Coney Island.
Bottom: Max, Diane and Noa flank
American swimming champion Diana Nyad.

Adam Kolbrenner summer

Adam Kolbrenner – Telluride sunset (August 29, 2013).

Gaylyn Fraiche summer
Gaylyn Fraiche – I visited Houston and Austin (first trip since graduating from UT) with my friend since I was seven. This is us on the rooftop of Maggie May’s in Austin, where we spent many evenings during college.
Things change, but stay very much the same.

Mela Lee summer

Mela Lee – Aside from working on our album, I did a new Tyler Perry-
Lionsgate project with Bootsy Collins.

Seth Jaret summer

Seth Jaret – Top: Tai Chi at Esalen.
Bottom left: New Friend. New Project.
Bottom right: A grandfather’s passing. A grandmother’s 90th.
Eventful summer!

Marci Liroff summer

Marci Liroff – Having a laugh with Joseph Ferraro at the Point Foundation’s event honoring our friend Dean Pitchford.

Malina Saval summer

Malina Saval – Top: How Now Brown Cow? (Shelburne Farms, Shelburne VT).
Bottom: Son Boaz jumping for joy in Santa Monica.

Matthew Welsh summer

Matthew Welsh – Hiking at the Brown County State Park near
Bloomington, Indiana, with my girlfriend!

Jill Effron summer

Jill Effron – The view from the ferris wheel at the Santa Monica pier.

Brooke Berman summer

Brooke Berman – We attempted our first camping trip as a family. It wasn’t a hardcore thing — yurts with a heating unit and nearby (freestanding) bathrooms. But it was a disaster. My son figured out how to climb out of the Pack and Play for the first time — hence, a lot of screaming and not a lot of sleep. We wound up driving back to L.A. at 3 a.m. telling ourselves that when he’s bigger, it’ll be easier. Who knows? Now we’re in New York City and camping (upstate) means mosquitos. Far less enticing than Lake Cachuma … 

Becky Curran summer

Becky Curran – In Washington, DC for a little people convention.

Josh Kesselman summer

Josh Kesselman – Taking a break Toronto (where I’m producing a film) – Contemplating at Niagara Falls.

Charles Shaughnessy summer

Charles Shaughnessy – Took a trip to the UK where I …
Top: Made Susan sit through a soccer game at famous Wembley Stadium.
Bottom left: Made Susan climb an old English style in Cornwall.
Bottom right: Made Susan feed wild horses on Dartmoor.

Stella Braintree summer

Stella Braintree – My summer accomplishments: successfully raising a found kitty, and less-successfully raising purchased flower seeds.

Nancy Nayor summer

Nancy Nayor – It is considered my summer vacation,
even though it’s in September! Cape Cod 2013.

Mara Shapshay summer

Mara Shapshay – Our wedding day! That is what happens when you get two former drug addicts who burned their lives into the ground, then turned them around, fell in love and got married … tears of joy are gonna fall 🙂

Alan Smyth summer

Alan Smyth – ‘Gyles Quay’, Co. Louth, Ireland where I spent all of my childhood summers swimming off this pier and going fishing in my grandfather’s boat, which was moored right here.
Amazing to come back here with everyone, who was there all that time ago!

Kenn Henman summer

Kenn Henman – ” … and I thought traffic was bad in L.A.”

Greg Small summer
Greg Small – Having a capital time with my wonderful sons.

Pelkey summer
Lynn Pelkey – Cruising the Caribbean with family and friends.
First stop – Half Moon Cay!

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