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Do you feel alone in your creativity?

by Ashley Ballard

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Artists are weird. I am weird. Sometimes, I laugh out loud at the conversations going on in my head. We see things from an angle where no one else has ever stood. In many ways, we are lone wolves fighting for scraps and acceptance in the pack. Only, not everyone will gain the privilege of understanding. The beautiful thing is that you never know when your time will come.

An artist’s job is never done. Always thinking, creating, solving problems, failing, succeeding, failing. So many times, people laugh, or judge, or hate what we do, but we are so blinded by some strange velvet curtain that we continue on for no other reason than to create something meaningful to ourselves. We are vulnerable and simultaneously tenacious. A constant pull and internal struggle that torments and gratifies us, like nothing else can, at the same time.

Artists come in all shapes and sizes and it’s so important for us to support one another. I feel like sometimes my own insecurities make it difficult to do that. The amount of competition makes it easy to fall into a place of greediness and fear, but today, as I was listening to a few of the thousand songs on my ipod, it really hit me that artists are so beautifully weird, that they can always create something new and different.

I then started looking at the art on my walls and no two paintings are the same. The different colors, textures: all beautiful, and all very different. I enjoy them all for the different ways they make me feel. Sure, there are favorites, but my favorites are not everyone’s favorite and it just goes to show that no two minds are the same.

It is possible that you are thinking of things from the future and people are just not ready to see them or hear them yet? That’s ok. Embrace that. There is beauty in that. A mind so advanced, society has yet to catch up. When you are feeling alone in your creativity, remember that there is something for everyone, and you just haven’t found your everyone yet.

What if we all set a little of our weird free? Not too much… baby steps. What would happen? I’m sure I’m not the only one having amazing conversations with myself (actually, they’re more like full on cinematic productions). Maybe next time you’re feeling strange, you tell someone what you’re thinking. Sure, it might be super embarrassing, but it might be the best part of your day. You never know until you try.

Let your inner artist on an adventure outside of the cage you’ve put it in. It’s scary. Very scary. But, when we’re the most scared, we can attain the most growth. Sometimes our ideas will fall flat on their faces, but when you find the one, it’ll be genius! After all, “no” is just a word, right?

Ashley Ballard

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