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Congress made me do it

by Ashley Ballard

Ignoring my fear
I am not into politics. That’s not to say I don’t have very strong opinions, but my desire to just love everybody gets in the way of me understanding the behavior of politicians. I seriously have little to no comprehension of their actions sometimes. The idea of doing a certain thing or acting a certain way to somehow gain leverage as opposed to just doing what is just and fair, quite frankly, makes me feel a bit … icky.

This whole government shutdown mumbo jumbo has hit me pretty hard. My husband has a government job and making enough money in the music biz, nowadays, is extremely difficult. It’s very scary. I’m afraid of what the future may hold for my husband’s job, and also afraid to organize some sort of uprising (which I so desperately want to do) for fear he may never get it back.

In uncertain times, fear keeps us quiet. Politics keep us stagnant. Add the two together and we might as well be nothing.

This got me thinking about the music industry — it’s so competitive, that sometimes we shy away from trying something new. Only, the people are dying for something new. Just like we, as Americans, are waiting for change.

The second someone is brave enough to make a splash, they become the new template for success. Justin Bieber made it through YouTube, so now, there are billions of cover videos waiting to be discovered. One Direction brought back the resurgence of boy bands, and now, tween girls’ heads are about to explode with all the pelvic thrusting. Social media reached a lot of people, but now, it’s so flooded, it’s a one in a million chance someone will happen upon what you’re selling.

The problem is, once everyone latches on, it is no longer special. There is no longer the magic that made that brave pioneer successful. But we are terrified to try new things.

We are afraid to stand away from the party we have chosen. But, shouldn’t we not care about whose party it is and just do what we feel is right?

Ashley Ballard

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