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Aging, and love and life! Oh my!

by Rebecca Stay

“What are you going to do? Everything, is my guess. It will be a little messy, but embrace the mess. It will be complicated, but rejoice in the complications.”
– Nora Ephron


We start to lose our eyesight, but we’ve never seen so clearly.

The stresses of the day get more challenging, but life’s lessons help us overcome them faster.

For us with children, we’re faced with a parenting problem to solve at every turn, but age brings wisdom and patience… and when it doesn’t, we have our tribes to lean on.

It’s a certainty that falls will be taken on our life’s journey, but we have the comfort of film and TV characters to lift our spirits up and remind us what passion and drive looks like in the face of adversity, confusion, and turmoil.

RebeccaStayAs we get older, the loss of friends and family members comes around more frequently than we’d like, but as we know, death teaches us to live more fully.

Growing up and taking on more responsibility, life should be harder, but we’ve never laughed more.

Life also continues to throw us unanswerable questions, but we’ve never had more faith.

And for all of our seeking of the perfect life, in the end, it all comes down to one single word — that with age, comes the discovery that life has only always been about…


Rebecca Stay

About Rebecca Stay

Rebecca is a native of So. Cal. A former TV executive, she recently finished a feature spec and is working on her blog, “It’s Rebecca not Becky…Or Is It?” When not busy with her duties as room parent, she’s hanging with her wonderful hubby and nine year old son. You can check out her blog at It’s Rebecca, not Becky . . . Or Is It? and follow her on Twitter @stayrebecca

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