2014 wish
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A writer’s wish for 2014

by Matt Boren

I will invent glasses that let us see each other’s souls
so that we know everyone has one and is going through something.
And shoes that when we walk by people instantly, but only for a moment, let us feel what it would be like to be in theirs.
A new vitamin that made us care
about things outside ourselves.

I will create a space where my children continue to thrive
and stickers that when you scratch them spread the love we have inside
to the world beyond our doors.
I will make sure that my children know that land and sky and trees and seas are
not mine, they’re not yours
but they are for everyone and that if we listened close enough
we would know they are things nobody should be fighting for.

I will learn more about communication
because it’s the key to everything
maybe I’ll build a round table
big enough for all of us
where we can sit, over tea, and share our ups and downs

And for the cruel and cold-hearted
the ones who harm and steal freedom
I will invent a cloud that hovers over their heads
and strikes lightning when they kill with their words and their weapons.

I will love more
and reach further
and speak louder for those who can’t.
I will extend myself and offer opportunity
to those who never had the chance.
I will talk it out and hear you out until this all makes sense.

Happy New Year.

Matt Boren

About Matt Boren

Matt Boren grew up on the East Coast. He is a writer/actor currently living in Los Angeles. He danced to "My Prerogative" at his bar mitzvah where his theme was Hollywood.

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