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Raising girls in Hollywood

by Matt Boren

I am the father of two girls. Evvy Delilah, 5, and River Gracie, 3. My daughters pick flowers, understand the power of crystals, prefer to be barefoot and love creating alternate lands filled with unicorns, alicorns and witches, who can with one puff of air, change anything into anything.

In our universe, imagination is Queen. Paint, glitter, ladybugs and small squirrels… our jesters. We invent and believe in fairies. We talk about crocodiles we’ve never seen. The skunks we know, however, are legit – they have sprayed our real dogs, Thursday and August, many times.

Boren girls

Evvy Delilah and River Gracie (Photo courtesy of Matt Boren)

My daughters are all I imagined when I imagined my children. All and so much more. Imagination. I did imagine them. And they are here. Just feet away from me, in slumber, in a bunk-bed.

I spent most nights looking up to the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling of my bedroom on Sullivan Terrace in Framingham, Massachusetts. And when I looked up I wished on those sticker stars to be here, in Hollywood. To be able to participate, somehow, someway, in the TV shows I watched and obsessed over. The TV shows that helped me feel connected, seen and understood. There were many days I thought Natalie, Tootie, Jo and Blair would get me way more than my hometown. I was sure the Huxtables would want me to sleep over all the time.

Kim Kardashian is releasing a book called Selfish. It’s a book of selfies – self portraits. She says the title, Selfish, is because, you know, selfies means selfish. It doesn’t. Selfie is short for self portrait. And we all took selfies long before there was an annoying abbreviation. We all took selfies when film was a thing and developing your overnight camp pictures was the wait of a lifetime. Van Gogh did selfies.

Kim Kardashian and all the insta-girls finding fortune for existing are Hollywood, California. They are where I live. They are where my pixie-dusted daughters, inventors of times and solar systems, live.

When I was a boy I dreamed of this town. As a dad of two girls, I dream of the town I grew up in.

Matt Boren

About Matt Boren

Matt Boren grew up on the East Coast. He is a writer/actor currently living in Los Angeles. He danced to "My Prerogative" at his bar mitzvah where his theme was Hollywood.

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