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Watch great movies, change the world!

by Marc Erlbaum

Why are films called “movies”? Is it because they are “moving images” as opposed to photographic stills? Or is it because they “move” viewers in a uniquely powerful way?

Etymologically, the answer is the former. But while there are numerous other terms for films — including cinema, motion pictures, flicks, picture shows — I think it can be argued that “movie” is the most common and appropriate term, precisely because of the medium’s power to move us in a way unmatched by art forms that appeal to only one sense at a time.

The question is, where do they move us to?

It is with this question that I launched a production company, Nationlight Productions, five years ago with the mandate to make positive, uplifting films that would inspire audiences and urge them to introspect. The idea was that the images we expose ourselves to will influence the way we think, feel and act. If we are watching dark, cynical media, then we will manifest a dark and cynical society; whereas, if we are watching positive, uplifting content, we will create a more collaborative, constructive world.

We have since produced several films, including Everything Must Go starring Will Ferrell and Café starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, that aim to entertain first, and inspire or provoke as a by-product of that entertaining experience. We developed a following on social media of over 50,000 fans who are passionate about our mission to change the world through positive media. Along the way, we began to toy with the idea of creating a platform/network that would curate all of the incredible positive entertainment that is out there, that would build a community around that content, and that would harness all of that positive energy and channel it to positive action.

After the Sandy Hook school shooting, values and violence in the media became a hot-button topic, and I decided it was time stop thinking about such a site, and start creating it instead. What we need is more positive entertainment that give people hope and promotes universal values. If we’re happy and looking out for one another, there will be less alienation, more communication and hopefully less violence and aggression.

A year later, eflixir is ready for launch, a film site that allows you to make the world a better place every time you watch a movie.

eflixir curates thousands of uplifting Hollywood films, gives a donation to charity every time you watch, and links every film to related causes so you can instantly act after you’ve been inspired.

Additionally, we’re building a community so you can interact with others who are passionate about positive content and social good.

While a portion of every streaming fee on eflixir goes to the amazing international non-profit Free the Children, eflixir is not about one particular cause – rather the cause of eflixir is causes. It’s so that everyone can be cause-conscious in whatever they’re doing – even if they’re simply being entertained.

Movies do indeed move us, and therefore we can, and should, utilize that movement to create a movement of positive action that will benefit the world that we return to when we leave the theatre or turn off our screen.

Marc Erlbaum

About Marc Erlbaum

Marc Erlbaum is the President of Nationlight Productions, producer/director/writer of “Café”(Jennifer Love Hewett) and “A Buddy Story” (Elisabeth Moss), and executive producer of “Everything Must Go” (Will Ferrell). Erlbaum is the founder and president of eflixir, a new movie site that curates thousands of uplifting Hollywood films, donates a portion of every fee to charity, and links the films to thematically-related causes so that viewers can immediately act on the inspiration they get from watching great movies.

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