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Viral for the soul

by Ashley Ballard

When wanting turns to giving
Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of videos posted about being kind to others and The Golden Rule. A particular video really got me thinking about trends and what’s gone viral. I was inspired by these guys to go out and do something good for humanity.

I help out when it’s in my face and convenient to do so, but there were so many other ways I wanted to help, but I also had a completely rationalized excuse not to:

“I don’t really have time” (while watching a reality show).

“I donate money. That’s enough, right?” (Not really. Who’s going to do anything with the money I donate?)

“They probably get a lot of volunteers already” (just… an outright lie!).

I’ve decided to give up my dishonest excuses and have already made steps to join an organization helping at-risk kids.

Growing up, I lost my mom to the streets and drugs for quite some time and if it weren’t for the help of friends and family, I may not be where I am now. Not all children have the luxury of family and friends to offer them a safe and loving place and the more I learn about the rough hand these kids have been dealt, the more I am compelled to take action. Their stories truly put my problems into perspective and I have become so much more grateful for people going out of their way to shield me from a life much more chaotic than the peaceful life I am currently living.

I’m scared. I know I’m going to see things these little ones have faced that will rip my heart out and I’m going to have to stay strong and level-headed for them. If these children have been brave enough to handle it, I have to at least try. If I don’t, I’ll be “wanting” to do it forever.

If everyone impacted only one stranger’s life in a positive way, we could all reap the benefits of feeling like we truly belonged somewhere.

As a whole, we’d experience not only the joy of a helping hand, but also the joy of making something better. What an accomplished and fulfilled feeling that is.

I’m also very excited by the hope of being able to soothe aching hearts and spread some of this love I have to give. I really want to make a difference and I can, for once, be proud of my efforts to do so. I hope I continue to see and am inspired by these types of videos and stories more often and that I remember when it gets hard why I began this journey.

What have you been “wanting” to do? What’s stopping you?

Ashley Ballard

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