Furbush children
Kayley and Patrick Furbrush. Photos courtesy of the Furbush family.

Attention Hollywood: These 2 kids need your help

by Matt Boren

I grew up in Framingham, Massachusetts. One of our claims to fame was that we were the biggest town in the country which is interesting because it never felt big. In fact, it felt like a small town. We all knew each other.

I have been writing about my hometown for as long as I can remember. I got my start in television with my first pilot, Dirtbags. That was a show about my friends who were still living in Framingham. I wrote Dirtbags with a sense of longing. A big part of me wanted to be back home, with them. A big part of me still wants that. I have tremendous gratitude for my hometown and I carry Framingham and all of the people I grew up with with me everyday. Today, I carry one in particular: Stephen Furbush.

Stephen Furbush, 39, passed away in his sleep. Two months earlier, Stephen’s wife, Kristen O’Keefe, lost her battle with an aggressive brain tumor. They leave behind two children – Kayley, 6, and Patrick, 3.

Furbush family
When I spoke with my brother, David, he broke down in tears. He remembered Stephen as a “vibrant, sweet, funny, stud athlete.” My brother and I have been calling each other a lot over the past few days, both of us talking about Stephen and Kristen’s children. Both of us wanting to do whatever we can to help.

My brother lives in New York. I live in Los Angeles. And Framingham lives in our hearts.

The great common thread of where we live now and where we grew up is the heartbeat of community. When someone is in need here in Los Angeles, we rally. In New York, they rally. In Framingham, they rally.

A fund has been established for the Furbush children and I ask of you to contribute whatever you can. These beautiful children will greatly benefit from the generosity of our collective community.

Stephen Furbush had plans of getting a new laptop and pursuing his writing ambitions. I’ve heard he wanted to write books. I hope he knew that in his children, Kayley and Patrick, he already wrote two.

Please consider contributing to the Furbush Children’s Fund. Thank you.

Matt Boren

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Matt Boren grew up on the East Coast. He is a writer/actor currently living in Los Angeles. He danced to "My Prerogative" at his bar mitzvah where his theme was Hollywood.

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