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The book was better

by Victoria Stark

Studios are churning out Batmans like we’re going to forget who he is in a month. I’m starting to get my teenage dystopian heroes mixed up. And someone who doesn’t speak the language could easily pick out who was going to end up with who 5 minutes into most rom-coms (it’s the hot ones who really, really hate each other at first).

I understand that these tropes and blueprints keep getting redone because they are what will make money dependably and effortlessly. And I understand that completely abstract source material probably won’t do well with major audiences. But I have a solution; a mostly untapped vault of stories that have proven to do well but at the same time have not yet reached many modern audiences. In fact, this resource cannot be more than a few miles away from you at this very moment. Your library! Home to thousands on thousands of stories that routinely get overlooked by studio executives.

Sagas like the The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter prove that audiences have the cognitive ability to follow the multi-faceted, sprawling, detail-rich plot lines common to literature. I would love to see less regurgitated rom-coms and action films where the main adjective is just ‘loud’, and give the beautiful stories available in literature a visual treatment.

“But movies never get the book right!” Trust me, I feel this fear right along with you, bookworms. But there are some people for whom reading just isn’t their thing, in the same way that math is my kryptonite. Literature has produced so many stories that would otherwise go untold to a larger audience, and if a paragraph that brought me to tears can move someone else in the same way through a 15 minute film segment, the more book adaptations the better!

Two books I would love to see on-screen are the Firefly Cloak by Sheri Reynolds, and The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski. Lucky for me, I will be able to share Edgar Sawtelle with many of my movie-buff friends, thanks to Prison Break’s Wentworth Miller, who bought the rights to the novel and is producing a feature film version with Tom Hanks and Oprah Winfrey.

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Victoria Stark

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Victoria Stark is a writer with a huge belief in the power of story. She enjoys reading, traveling, and making people laugh. Follow her on twitter @ToriStark

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