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HitRECord: Encouraging creators to collaborate

by Victoria Stark

A friend once told me that there is a difference between expressiveness and creativity, and the distinction was in whether you share your work with others. Expression would be writing in a private journal or singing in the shower. Creativity is contributing to the world what you have produced, taking in criticism, collaborating, and building on whatever is already happening in the artistic world you find yourself a part of.

Making the jump from self-expression to creative production can be intimidating. Where do I even start? How can I meet like-minded people? What if my stuff isn’t good enough?

Joseph Gordon Levitt’s revolutionary production company, hitRECord, can help creatives of all types start to answer those questions. HitRECord encourages the type of collaborative creativity necessary for personal and industry growth, by allowing anyone to add to or begin their own musical, literary, cinematic or visual media product. As Gordon-Levitt told The Wrap, his company taps into the a production style that he sees as “the natural way of things… something that’s less of a monologue and more of a dialogue. HitRECord is just one way of turning that evolution into something entertaining.”

Anyone can start or contribute to the hundreds of ongoing projects on hitRECord, and when something big is developing, the staff uses its contacts and business savvy to market the publishing, music and art that the collective ‘employees’ have worked on. If something is sold, hitRECord splits the profit 50-50 with the contributing artists. During the company’s first year, 2010, contributing artists were paid a total of $40,000. In 2013, hitRECord had a total payout of $737,000 to its contributors, and has produced an Emmy-nominated television show centered around their content. Most recently, John Krasinski participated in the hitRECord short film, Sleep Cycle.

In an industry that has largely veered off course in the pursuit of fame and individual acknowledgement, hitRECord represents the ‘soul of the biz’ by returning to the collaborative nature of creativity.

The company is a great example of how social media can be used in positive ways, empowering individual creators to share their work in a way they may not have been able to before, whether for lack of avenue or timidity. The community there offers constructive criticism, and contributors have the opportunity to hook up with others that may have different artistic abilities to collaborate on mixed-media ventures.

HitRECord allows creators to present their work in an environment that emphasizes inspired creation, storytelling and art appreciation over fame and individual glory. As a person new to the entertainment industry, I appreciate how hitRECord can serve me as a networking, reviewing, and collaborating tool, while giving me a chance to serve the artistic community by adding to the conversation.

Victoria Stark

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Victoria Stark is a writer with a huge belief in the power of story. She enjoys reading, traveling, and making people laugh. Follow her on twitter @ToriStark

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