Hollywood Journal Submissions

As you embark on this storytelling journey, please be mindful of the following themes for your entry:

1. Hollywood (as in Hollywood Journal) – an intimate insider’s P.O.V. of one’s Hollywood/entertainment experience weaved throughout.

2. Soul (as in “soul of the biz”) – go deep! We’re looking for a meaningful perspective and want to read how your soul has evolved/grown during your experience, as well as how it has creatively inspired and influenced you personally and professionally (“the aha or enlightened moment”).

3. “Water Cooler” conversation – the WOW factor! It’s the story or topic that the readers will be compelled to discuss and share. All of your friends will want to post it on Facebook, Tweet it out and email it around to their friends as a MUST READ.

Recommendations/Must Haves:

EYE-CATCHING TITLE – it’s a headline, so feel free to get wildly creative and clever.

FIRST LINE/OPENING PARAGRAPH – be provocative! First impressions matter!! This sets the tone/mood for the piece, and will determine if the readers stick with it.

WORD COUNT  400-600 words.

TOPIC – what is your story about? What’s the point you’re trying to make? What do you want the readers to get out of this (what’s the takeaway?)? Each piece must provide its own unique “pearl of wisdom”.

BE YOURSELF/LET YOUR PERSONALITY SHINE – speak honestly and passionately.

HUMOR – humor is a big plus, so inject “funny” where/if appropriate.

IMAGES/PICTURES – please include an image or photo which is relevant and/or conveys the feeling or emotion of your story. Not only does it add color/texture, but it helps engage the reader and drive traffic. (Please note the image or photo must be your property.)

LINKS – use when appropriate. Facts speak for themselves, and add an additional credibility factor to your piece.

INTERACTION/COMMENTS  be inviting! Ask a question, encourage your readers to continue the conversation, throw out a challenge, a call to action, etc.

BIO  it should be tweetable! Please include a headshot as well.

TAGS (KEYWORDS)  please use them throughout your entry (even in the title!), and include a list at the bottom of your story.

SOCIAL MEDIA – as you write, please be cognizant of facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (among other social media outlets)…what’s the line that everyone will be tweeting about, or one which screams “pin it”?

Once you have submitted, you will be notified within 14 days if your post is one we would like to share with our readers. Prior to publishing, posts may be edited for content and grammar. By submitting a post, you acknowledge that your blog may be shared or republished by Hollywood Journal, Hollywood Journal partner organizations and/or other media outlets in partnership with Hollywood Journal. Please note that contributors are not monetarily compensated for submissions.

Thank you for keeping the story going!

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