What ‘Hollywood Journal’ is grateful for…

by soul of the biz

Ashley Ballard – My beautiful family, the love and support we share, health, joy, laughter, strength, our talents and the freedom to share them!

Jaime Becker – My family. Duh. Such a cliche, right? Better yet I should say I am grateful I haven’t jumped off a bridge or been put in an institution having to deal with these nutcases all these years. Actually I think they are saying that about me. Love every member of my nutty family. Thanks for being wackadoo, thus giving me tons if material to write about. Never dull.

Jason Benoit, Esq. – Friends, family, health, and hopefully a better showing from the Dallas Cowboys the rest of the year.

Brooke Berman – My beautiful son.

Matt Boren – My family, my friends, fellow dreamers and seekers, community, freedom of expression.

Stella Braintree – Friends who listen (even when my ranting exhausts)… a cat who keeps me company (whether I want to play or not)… a cupboard stocked with fudgy-cookie-bar ingredients (well, my mood appreciates it — my thighs, not so much)… a truly captivating new book… a DVR jam-packed with great TV shows and movies… and if I’m lucky, a creative flash to boost my spirit, motivate me to write, and keep me in the game – Beat that, Fudgy-Thigh-Padders!

Risa Bramon Garcia – My ever-present family, for the new venture in my life – The BGB Studio – that has reintroduced me to my artistry, for the amazing people who’ve come into my life this year, for health, fortitude, spirit and love. And for the unexpected, reminding me that there are no certainties, just what we do with what’s in front of us.

Jessica Cabot – My family for letting me follow my dreams and Bill Nye the Science Guy for getting back out there to help us change the world.

Felicia Cameron – This and every Thanksgiving season I am grateful for the love of Jesus Christ, and His unending blessings.

Adam Chanzit – In no particular order — morning light, music, great stories, yet undiscovered gustatory delights, inspiration, the mountains, health, friends and family.

Lee Clay – My wife and daughter, my dog, my friends, my family, and good surf!

Heather Courtney Quinn – My loving family and good friends.

Becky Curran – All of my friends, family, and supporters who have stuck by my side for the past year as I’ve began to build my motivational speaking career. I’ve had 30 speeches this year and because of their support I have no doubt that I can double that number for next year.

Jill Cutler – Faith, my sweet Elihu, my amazing & loving parents, my beautiful goddaughter Morgan, the wonder of life, hope, inspiration, fabulous friends, clean water, my freedom, laughter, the United States of America, the promise of tomorrow. I am also truly blessed and thankful for our Hollywood Journal community of incredibly talented and generous contributors, loyal readers and benevolent supporters. Fight on!

Jill Effron – This Thanksgiving I’m grateful for the following: to be alive, my kids, my husband, my family and friends, the iphone, pizza, 80s music, wine, science and technology, rom coms, sitcoms, angels on earth, the ocean… this list may change by next Thanksgiving. But I’m learning to live in the now. So we’ll have to wait until then to see if these things still make the cut.

Maren Fischer – Family, friends, good books, discovering fantastic music, seasons, meeting new people, and seeing Peter and the Starcatcher!

Gaylyn Fraiche – This has been an interesting year where I had time to realize how blessed I am. I am grateful for good health for myself and my loved ones, my wonderful, supportive family, my group of friends who never let me down and this past year of freedom and being able to spend some great quiet time to reconnect with myself.

Eddie Gamarra – A rich, full life that stimulates my mind, challenges my body and nurtures my spirit. Am grateful to my wife, family and friends who encourage me, are patient with me and challenge me.

Shannon Gaulding – Deep deep sleep, the love of a good man, the way in which my children restore my hope and finally, my continued ability to lose myself in story.

Lindsay Goffman – Toddler questions, baby snuggles, date nights, Skype, and L.A. weather.

Claudia Grazioso – International flight, surfable waves, fondue, family and friends who will join me on treasure hunts.

Jen Grisanti – I am grateful that my mom was able to heal from Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I am also grateful that my mom learned that her diagnosis of Parkinson’s, from three years ago, was wrong. My mother does not have Parkinson’s. My family and I are feeling very blessed this Thanksgiving.

Julianne Grossman – After receiving the news that my friend’s mother passed away today, I am grateful that my parents are alive and healthy. I am grateful that this year there are two toothbrushes in the drawer instead of one. I am so thankful I found my soulmate and he asked me to marry him. I am grateful that a month and half after the wedding, I haven’t gained ALL of my weight back. I’m thankful for girlfriends. I’m grateful for whatever mental health I have today. And although I’m a bit bitter that I have to do my Hanukkah shopping so early this year, I’m grateful that Hanukkah falls on Thanksgiving, because alongside the turkey we can have matzo ball soup!

Eileen Grubba – My amazing friends, across the country and around the world. I am grateful I’ve always had the spirit and the will to keep getting up and trying again.

Jason Hariton – This year I am most grateful for amazing & healthy parents living just down the street, siblings and nieces I see every week, a mother-in-law that fought cancer and won, the support of friends that so often act like family and, perhaps most of all, the warmth I feel in my heart every time I see my wife and little girl.

Kenn Henman – Having a job I love and not having to “work” a day of my life. I also give thanks to all the people who have came into my life for a reason and those yet to come.

Sherre Hirsch – Sweet potato latkes with turkey and people who champion others.

Kara Holden – I am thankful for parents who have always encouraged and supported me, siblings who make going home something I actually look forward to, for a niece and nephew who make my heart smile, and for my husband who makes everything better. I am thankful for a job I love, for friends I can count on, for restored health, and for the ability to notice life while I’m living it!

Jessie Kahnweiler – To be part of a family (this includes everyone from my mother to my therapist to the stray cat who drinks almond milk with me every morning) who really get me. They show themselves to me and allow me to feel like I deserve to be seen. Together, we live our lives like a comedy. Nothing better.

Marci Liroff – Family, good wine and even better friends, health, my pooches and frankly… dark chocolate.

Danny Manus – My mother being as strong as she has been thru her fight with breast cancer, my sister for being as strong as she has been thru a rough first pregnancy, my family, my close friends, my wonderful clients, my Twitter followers, my cat for making me laugh every day, and everyone who has helped make my company a success. I’m also grateful for words, the ability to express them, and even more so the ability to express them well. And stuffing. I’m definitely grateful for stuffing.

Alison Martin – My always enlightening family and friends, curiosity, laughter, inspiration, dancing while my dog barks and chocolate.

Greg Messina – Transatlantic air travel, French-English dictionaries, the invention of fried chicken, and that anyone would ever spend any time reading something I wrote.

Courtney Mizel – My beautiful daughters, supportive partner, loving family, amazing friends, good health, abundance, strength, the beach, yoga, dance, sleep, Hashem, lipstick, good books, reality TV, good food, life.

Abdi Nazemian – My children, friends and family, creativity, music, chocolate.

Ant Neely – Family, friends, love, laughter, the stars above and people who smile.

Kate Neligan – My spirituality, USM education, animals, equine therapy, people making a positive difference, and my entire support squad.

Rabbi Jesse Olitzky – The blessings of life and the miracle of new life being brought into this world.

Taj Paxton – Honestly, it might seem very un-Zen to say but I’m grateful for the internet and the interconnectedness it provides. I love people and with the myriad of ways to connect, my world has expanded. When there’s news, good or bad, I message my circle of trust and within seconds, all 23 people have the info. So, this Thanksgiving, I can look forward to enjoying family and friends in my home and the bonus of Instagram macaroni and cheese photos, Tumblr blogs, Thanksgiving day Pinterest boards and the status updates of friends from across the country sharing from small to large, the things for which they are grateful.

Dustin Pearlman – The love and support of my family and friends while navigating this crazy industry. Also, podcasts, for providing boundless entertainment whenever I need it.

Lynn Pelkey – My family, friends, creativity, Los Angeles, travel, awesome adventures, nice people, puppies, health, my godson, fresh air, long “power” walks, and life. Oh, and this is just my abbreviated list – I have so many things to be grateful for.

Winston Perez – At least theoretically for the struggles in my life that have given me more humanity, humility and the shared brotherhood of those who have struggled before us. Difficulties, in a way, are a shared experience with generations gone before… and I always remember Shakespeare… “they will ‘ hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks  that fought with us upon Saint Crispin’s day.”

David Perlstein – I’m grateful that I’m grateful — that I have the capacity to understand that it’s not all about me, and that I’m the product of family, friends, associates and mentors, and all that molded them.

Lynnette Ramirez – I adapted the practice not so long ago to strive to have gratitude, patience and kindness behind all my intentions. This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for everyone in my life that in return have shown gratitude, patience and kindness toward me. I’m also thankful that gift giving isn’t a part of this holiday!

Dara Resnik Creasey – To be making a living doing something I love. I’m grateful for the working mom balancing act that keeps every day interesting, exhausting, wonderful and miraculous. And I’m grateful for my work/life partner who makes it all possible.

Eddie Richey – My friends — former students who I had the privilege to teach, my occasional writing partner who keeps me sane through her insanity, and those who have stuck with me all these years, however much of a pain-in-the-ass I’ve been. Toss in the Hollywood Journal, which allows me to pay tribute to my heroes, and for Charlie Parker. Bird lives!

Mara Shapshay – A loving higher power, faith, forgiveness, healing, loved ones, comedy and The Real Housewives franchise.

Charles Shaughnessy – Thankful that, despite the random and hazardous adventure we call life, I am still here to be thankful!!

Sidney Sherman – I’m thankful for my wonderful family, incredible friends and our health. And a special note of thanks to all the men and women that serve our country in the military and help keep us safe.

Amy Simon – In this time of so many natural disasters, I am extreeeeemely grateful for my home and my loved ones. I am grateful for my work in which I find purpose, satisfaction and joy. And I am grateful to live in this wonderful city, surrounded by art and culture where I can use my talents AND grow cauliflower and tomatoes which I am doing as I write this. And I guess I am grateful that I have not lost my sense of humor!

Alan Smyth – Incredibly kind, supportive & funny family and friends. For still being allowed to play in the TV/Film sandbox with the big kids. And for being welcome to celebrate Thanksgiving when it isn’t even an Irish holiday. I like to think of it as a dress rehearsal for Christmas.

Rebecca Stay – I have to say, I’m so thankful that 2013 is almost over. The last half has been kinda crappy. That being said, I’m grateful for the staples in my life: An amazing husband who has seen me through a tough year, an extraordinary son who surprises me on a daily basis, and a Kick-Ass circle of friends and family! Gobble, Gobble!

Danny Sussman – Family, health, children and friends you can count on.

Lori Tessel – The ability to see and hear all the goodness that surrounds me.

Mike Tringe – Living in a peaceful nation that values self-expression, where creativity can thrive.

Kathryn Tyus-Adair – My sons, the world of entertainment, my active lifestyle, living in California, laughter. And my iPhone.

Lisa Ullmann – Friends who showed up after my mother’s passing – some so old that I had not seen them in many years, and some so new that I had yet to consider them friends. I am grateful for the folks at Homeboy Industries, who remind me that with every new day there is hope and opportunity. Finally, I am grateful to be spending Thanksgiving with some UK friends in Portugal, working on their new community homestead with a Scottish stone mason named Steve.

Georgia Van Cuylenburg – All of the children in my life who remind me to never stop dreaming, never stop giggling and who tell me that it is cool to be a grown up.

A.J. Weiner – Family, including our poodles, friends, Dodgers, Lakers and vinyl records.

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