Sexpert Emily Morse
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Sexpert Emily Morse is on a mission to help the world have better sex

by Mara Shapshay

My first impression of Emily Morse was that she is just a slight little thing with wild long curly brown hair. She emanates that “best friend” vibe. Emily is the kind of girl you want to watch countless episodes of Sex and the City with while consuming Sprinkles cupcakes by the dozen.

Shortly into our conversation she told me that she recently moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco where she had just earned her Doctorate from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality.

She started her career working on a political documentary interviewing people. She loved the interview process so much that she started asking people about sex and relationships. This led to her posting those interviews on iTunes, which led to her, Dr. Ruth for a new generation-podcast, Sex with Emily. Then Hollywood came calling when she was cast in a short-lived reality show on Bravo about sex and relationships experts finding love called Miss Advised.

On her podcast, the Bravo show as well as in person she is extremely down to earth and genuine. She seems like a woman who is searching and unsure of her destination. For now, it’s Hollywood.

We talked about how Hollywood portrays sex and relationships. She cited Sting and Trudie Styler as a great example of a successful sex life and marriage. It is widely reported that Sting and Trudie practice tantric sex which is an Indian and Buddhist type of meditation. Tantric sex enables its participants to elevate to a higher spiritual plane.

Emily said, “Sex can be a religious experience and sacred.” She is all for couples bringing spirituality or God into the bedroom, anything that gets partners actively discussing their sex lives. “It all boils down to communication.”

That’s not just communication in the bedroom. It’s actually talking about sex (which Emily is doing in all forms of media). She explained that “People stopped talking about sex after AIDS. As a result boys learn how to have sex by watching porn.”

As for young women, many tell Emily on her podcast that they’ve never had orgasms. She said that “Women have to spend time learning their own bodies.”

Married couples also have to communicate as well. What kills sex lives is when couples don’t prioritize it. In other words we need make sex a priority. Also, we need to be constantly revealing ourselves and our wants and desires.

She told me that, “the more you reveal, the better you feel.” Emily must have felt really good while filming her Bravo TV show, Miss Advised because she revealed a lot.

The episode that literally had me glued to my flat screen was episode 4, “Kissing, Drinking and Dancing.” Emily visited this kissing expert at his kissing class in San Francisco, which was composed of open-minded San Fransicans who wanted to learn the art of “making out.”

The kissing expert was this blond, goofy looking man in his thirties with large teeth. Emily sat down next to him as his next, kissing-victim. He slowly leaned in, stuck his hand between her legs and lifted her up, sweeping her into his arms.

What ruined it was when the kiss was over he got really creepy. He asked Emily to join him in the bedroom with his girlfriend. It was obvious he asks women this all the time, like, “I will have a non-fat latte and will you join me and my girlfriend for a shag out by the dumpster?”

The look on Emily’s face was priceless. The conflict between her liberated, sexually open self and her monogamous, open to falling in love self were in a battle. A conundrum from not knowing what she would like from a man.

She ultimately turned down monster chompers and his generous offer. Which led me to my next question … “Do you want to fall in love?”

Her face was once again filled with the same mixture of inner struggle between sexually liberated Emily and romantic Emily. Then the confusion was gone. She answered me with a definitive,“Yes.” Meaning, she does want to fall in love.

Emily has evolved from a woman who didn’t believe in the institution of marriage (because her parents were divorced and remarried so many times) to a woman who is striving, like the rest of us, for a healthy and fulfilling union … with great sex, of course.

Emily Morse is a sex crusader on a mission to rescue our sex/relationship lives. Crusade on, Emily because we could sure use the help. On your own search, I sure hope you find your destination but please try and avoid creepy kissing experts with large teeth.

Mara Shapshay

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