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Hollywood Journal’s Hopes for 2014

by soul of the biz

How Hollywood can make the world
a better place in 2014…

More original content, more chances on new voices, more stepping outside of the box and actually starting to make movies again, instead of just talking about making movies. – Jason Benoit

There’s an audience who still craves indie fare and character-driven stories. Promote them and we’ll take notice. (Need some good scripts? Call me.) – Stella Braintree

Hollywood has to make films again for the artistry first. The financial success will follow. – Risa Bramon Garcia

Work on projects that you would be proud to let your children watch. – Felicia Cameron Leger

Hollywood can find more creative ways to illuminate and address — and perhaps even ameliorate — the unprecedented divisions in our society. – Adam Chanzit

It’s time to have less looking back at what once was and more looking forward to what could be, less navel gazing and more looking to the stars and less making movies that could be liked universally and more making movies that are universal stories. – Rob Cowan

I hope Hollywood makes the world a better place in 2014 by green lighting movies that make people think. – Dara Resnik Creasey

Regardless of how accessible media creation and distribution become, Hollywood will always be the grandfather of showbiz. H-wood should learn to be a better mentor to other storytellers around the world, both creatively and in business. 2014 could be the perfect time to share our know how with the rest of the world in tweeting more than the 3-act structure but how effective storytelling can foster change. – Todd Felderstein

Hollywood can help make a better world by spreading a message of agenda-free love. Also, give us more Jennifer Lawrence. – Maren Fischer

If we added up all of the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter fans and followers of just Hollywood personalities, it would be the largest audience in the history of humanity.  If we could bring everyone together and deliver a few strategic and powerful messages to this historic audience we could, indeed, almost instantly, change the world! – Richard Greene

Hollywood can make the world a better place by writing and creating stories that send out a conscious message that benefits the greater good. – Jen Grisanti

By creating an ALL inclusive world of diversity and acceptance, incorporating people with physical differences into ALL our stories. – Eileen Grubba

Continue to highlight actors and actress of all shapes and sizes in print, magazines and film, like Melissa McCarthy on the cover of Elle Magazine. – Rabbi Sherre Hirsch

I think Hollywood could help make the world a better place if more decisions were made from a place of love instead of fear. If more people took risks on great material they actually liked, instead of thoughtless rehashing of tired stories. If we all remember that we have tremendous influence in shaping society and that, in the wise words of Uncle Ben, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Sure would help to have more women writers and directors too, in my admittedly biased opinion. – Kara Holden

Media industry can continue to increase the opportunities for motivated and talented people to create, distribute and monetize their ideas in real and meaningful ways. – Sam Levine

Move over tentpoles, blockbuster titles and big budget extravaganzas. Bring back the character driven dramas of years gone by and make a “new wave” of films that will keep. – Heidi Levitt

I’m not sure it’s Hollywood’s place to make the world better. Just make it more livable by filling it with great stories, characters, and entertainment. – Danny Manus

Hollywood can take responsibility for the influence it has on future generations and lovingly nurture that obligation. – Alison Martin

Create art that reflects the full scope and diversity of the human experience. First step: more female screenwriters and directors. – Abdi Nazemian

Hollywood can make the world a better place in 2014 by funding more #MindfulMedia solution-driven stories – Kate Neligan

I’d like to see Hollywood produce more stories that deserve our collective attention and focus more on giving a voice to the unheard, rather than providing fools a soapbox. Essentially more Fruitvale Station and less exploitative reality programming. – Dustin Pearlman

If Hollywood films and TV shows reflect the values it espouses, the world will be better. My responsibility is no less. – David Perlstein

Hollywood can pay better attention to the people who need assistance and reach out directly. – Marc Platt

Hollywood has always made the world a better place by simply telling stories that entertain, inspire and evoke emotion. Great storytelling on any size screen makes the world a better place. – Lynnette Ramirez

To try desperately to make movies and television without the use of guns!!! – Lynn Roth

Help influence social acceptance by including more diverse characters and media figures to accurately portray the general population. – Mia Schaikewitz

In 2014 Hollywood should get rid of all fake “reality” and replace it with real, genuine spirituality. – Mara Shapshay

By remembering that it is THE place to nurture and produce vibrant, exciting and original stories that can move and inspire. – Alan Smyth

My hope for Hollywood in 2014 is that female-centered blockbusters become the norm rather than met with shock and awe. – Erin Stegeman

Hollywood can tell stories that inspire and excite positive ideas and action and refuse to tell stories that inspire violence. – Georgia Van Cuylenburg

How you hope to make the world
a better place in 2014…

By raising my children to be kind, honest, accountable problem solvers, And by always being courteous to others because that seems to be melting away. – Ashley Ballard

Laughter is contagious. It is the only disease I want to spread. I promise to write even more comedic material with my writing partner, Correne Kristiansen. Make an absolute fool out of myself while teaching kids art and writing. Dance awkwardly in elevators. Start the ‘wave’ at restaurants. Tickle torture my nephew and niece. And giggle like a madwoman and belly-laugh so deeply that I pee in my pants. – Jaime Becker

I promise to help old ladies cross the road more and to write material that provides escapism, and hopefully some humor. – Jason Benoit

By writing rather than baking, I’ll contribute five-to-ten hours of entertainment to the world, while sparing the planet five-to-ten unwanted pounds. Win-Win! Happy New Year! – Stella Braintree

By giving back more I will gain more. Win win! – Risa Bramon Garcia

Put someone else’s needs before my own at least once a day. – Felicia Cameron Leger

I hope to be more open and giving of my time and energy to family, friends, and others I encounter in the coming year. – Adam Chanzit

I hope to make the world a better place in 2014 by writing TV — if I can make people forget their problems for even an hour, I’ve done my job. – Dara Resnik Creasey

By learning, listening, loving, giving, appreciating, and connecting more. – Jill Cutler

As a parent and someone who spends time in a variety of classrooms it’s obvious that my reach is in inspiring others to make good, positive choices that serve more than themselves. I am a spark, those I have the good fortune to work with have the potential to be a movement. – Todd Felderstein

I hope to make the world a better place one hug at a time. Everyone needs a good hug. And I think my hugs are pretty up to par. – Maren Fischer

I hope to make the world a better place in 2014 by working with storytellers on developing their stories from a place of emotional truth so that the world can hear their message. – Jen Grisanti

By continuing to speak up, write and raise awareness of our need to be compassionate and inclusive of ALL people, regardless of their differences. – Eileen Grubba

I hope to listen more and talk less. – Rabbi Sherre Hirsch

I hope to make the world a better place in 2014 by being honest about my struggles, grateful for my triumphs, and generous with my love. – Kara Holden

I intend to make the world a better place in 2014 by living as my highest self and supporting/contributing/empowering everyone around me to live as theirs. – Sam Levine

I hope to make the world a better place in 2014 by being present, listening and being of service. – Marci Liroff

To make the world a better place, you have to first make YOUR world a better place. I’m still on step 1. – Danny Manus

In 2014 I will align with the positive, seek the creative, support the joy and remember to laugh. – Alison Martin

Write from the heart. Live from the heart. “Keep my love alive,” in the words of Heart. – Abdi Nazemian

@SynergyTVNet is making the world a better place in 2014 by bringing you more mindful media that matters because you matter. – Kate Neligan

“Embrace ‘the other.’ Plain and Simple. We, selfishly, too often focus on our wants, our needs, and our own issues. We ignore the challenges of the other. We refuse to worry about the other, help the other, or get to know the other. The other — someone of another faith, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, etc. – can be a stranger on the other side of the world, but can also be our next door neighbor. Ultimately though, to know the other, is to truly know one’s self. If we are to bring peace to this world, then we must embrace each other, embrace the other, so we can fully embrace ourselves.

As Jewish tradition teaches (Pirkei Avot 1:14): “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?”

Let us begin now! Let 2014 be the year where we truly embrace the other, embrace each other, and bring peace to this world.” – Rabbi Jesse Olitzky

I will try to make my music do my talking. I want to make the world a safer place thru awareness. – Marc Platt

I hope to make the world a better place by always striving to practice gratitude, kindness and compassion in all that I do. – Lynnette Ramirez

I hope to inspire others not to fear differences in other people but to celebrate that which makes us different. – Mia Schaikewitz

By remaining honest, driven and kind to others, while continuing on my crusade to create without fear of failure. Fortune favors the brave. – Alan Smyth

Give more: Of my time, my knowledge, my heart. – Rebecca Stay

What I hope to do in 2014 is continue to create content for all dress sizes. – Erin Stegeman

I hope to introduce 4000 lower income kids in L.A. to the arts successfully and ensure this program can be repeated in 200 cities over 10 years. – Georgia Van Cuylenburg

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