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by Frances Brennand Roper

Yeah, right… For many of us, Prince Charming turned back into a frog, the magic carpet took us to the middle of nowhere, and just around the river bend was a white water rapid.

Interestingly, if you look up the definition for fairy tale, it is described as something blessed with “unusual happiness.” Well that sounds about right. So as we arrive at yet another Valentine’s Day, I wanted to ponder over this idea, and whether or not it only exists in the movies we all love to indulge in. You know the ones: The Notebook, Love Actually, Pride and Prejudice, Ghost, Silence of the Lambs… Oh, sorry, I meant Sleepless in Seattle… or did I?

Personally I have never experienced a fairy tale ending, which is pretty evident from the vacant sign hanging over the left side of my bed. However, I have been pretty close a couple of times, so I’d like to think that I have an understanding of the topic.

Perhaps we were led astray by the Walt Disney films that we loved so much as children. I honestly believed that I would be swept off my feet and a dream really was a wish that my heart made… Well I do sort of still believe that. But where was the part after the happily ever after? And how could we possibly prepare for it if all we ever knew were the words to, “Some day my prince will come”?!

Now that we are adults, the examples set by our peers are not particularly magical in an Aladdin sort of way. Instead, the only thing that happens when we rub a lamp in Hollywood is that John Connor runs out screaming that the future is way worse than we thought… In terms of marriage that is.

So this year I have decided to write a love letter to the future, in hopes that I won’t become the ex-girlfriend of a Hollywood heartthrob all over again. You see, I’m very attracted to talent, and with talent comes a lot of crazy – sometimes, unavoidably, my own. But in a relationship full of an actor’s many characters, how can you ever really know which one is talking.

I think Sara Bareilles said it best when she sang: “Cinderella’s on the bedroom floor, she’s got a crush on the guy at the liquor store, cause Mr. Charming don’t come home anymore and she forgets why she came here.”

Hmmm… that seems all too familiar.

The fact of the matter is that after each relationship we pack an emotional suitcase filled with all of the things that were said and done, and we carry it around with us wherever we go. Piling them up like jenga blocks. Well I recently went through all of said emotional suitcases… A metaphorical closet full of other people’s crap and threw the damned things out.

Clearing my mind and my heart filled me with hope, and got me thinking about our own human condition and its relationship to love. Because for some insane reason I still think that we are like penguins, that we mate for life, a sole partner that we’d walk across the Antarctic with.

So you see, I do believe in happily ever after, I just think that perhaps we don’t get it right the first time around, and if you are reading this and you did, you missed out on a lot of drugs, wine and ice cream. A very Hollywood break up… Although not the one with Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston – that was just sad.

So here we go, my love letter to the future… Ah-hem..!

“I believe that we should create beautiful moments on this earth as if it were a canvas; blank until we choose to write all over it with our memories, good or bad. A collage of colors, which only the right person will notice. That person will hold my heart in their hands as if it were their own. No longer fleeting moments, but everlasting days and nights which span forward into an eternity of things that belong to just you and me. I will wait for you. Until you steel the crescendo from my very own story, because with you, I would gladly intertwine my thunder.

I believe in love, I hope you do too.”

Happily Ever After? I bloody well hope so!!

Frances Brennand Roper

About Frances Brennand Roper

Frances Brennand Roper is an actress, writer, singer and film producer. Originally from Guernsey in the Channel Islands, she now happily lives in Los Angeles and is consistently working on new features with her production company Genre House Films. Follow Frances on twitter @brennandroper

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