Art for change

The artist’s eternal struggle

When I say “eternal struggle,” what do you think of? Good versus evil? Shower versus sleep? Humans versus pickle jars? All are worthy battles. But there is one that seems to be especially prevalent in my life – and I’m […]

world is round

‘The world is round, people!’

“The world is round people!” Cate Blanchett’s words rang out with strength and indignation at the Oscars this year as she gave voice to a groundswell that is becoming a force to be reckoned with. People on both sides of […]

Ted Talk

Viral Inspiration

I can’t help but think Kevin Allocca’s TEDYouth Talk missed an opportunity. As I see it, the speech had the potential to accomplish at least 3 things: 1. Useful advice – check 2. Entertain – check 3. Inspire – not […]

Brown vs. Board of Education

A look back at Brown v. Board of Education

In honor of Black History Month and the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, during lunch time in the office yesterday, the attorneys and staff of the law firm were invited to watch a documentary looking back at […]

Bad news headlines

No news really is good news

I used to get bits and pieces of world news from Facebook links. But as some of you know, I deleted Facebook five months ago. And for those of you wondering how that’s going, I will tell you this: I […]


Miss America is more beautiful than you

Stop being racist. I didn’t watch the Miss America competition. I could say that, as a man, that I should have. Not to hoot and holler at girls in bikinis. Not to laugh when one of them stumbles when asked […]

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