O.B.A.M.A. – Original/ Black/ American/ Muslim/ Actor

California. There are girls, money, beaches, mansions, and opportunity. Everyone has reasons why they make the move this way. The ceiling here is higher than anywhere else in America for artists. Fame, fortune, respect, and friendship are the goals of many […]


I’m pissed off, scared shitless, and I need to vent

So, the back-story: I met Jerk when he directed a low-budget film and I played a zombie hooker. I’d studied acting in NYC for years and this was a last-ditch deal. Not great cinema, but I’d found a creative partner, […]


Running to Mexico

When I first moved to L.A. I was terrified of getting on stage and did anything to hide from it. Any adventure would suffice as long as it meant shutting my mind off and postponing the inevitability of risking failure. […]


No attraction, no aversion

‘No Attraction, No Aversion’. That is what the mystic of Hollywood has always held for me.


The silent day

It was the eighties, I was in my twenties, it was New York City and I was a struggling actress working in the record business. Back when there was a record business. I got a job as a secretary for […]

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