Killing your darlings

In my last post I made the loud-mouthed announcement that I would be attending a writer’s conference, and asked all of you to hold me accountable for finishing my manuscript in time to shop it around. Well, I’m proud to […]

Bone Tomahawk set

The making of ‘Bone Tomahawk’ at all costs

EXT. Blue Cloud Movie Ranch – Sunday, October 26th – Early Morning My producing partner Jack Heller and I have been watching Kurt Russell and Patrick Wilson battle cannibalistic troglodytes for the past 12 hours on sets that were originally […]



I’ve recently been gifted more responsibility than ever at work. My daughter is reaching an age where she verbally demands more of me, and is disappointed when she doesn’t get it. My free time is limited and valuable these days. […]

Puppy, Marily Manson and Dita Von Teese

My glamorous Hollywood career… and why I gave it up

I drove up the pitch-black canyon roads en route to Marilyn Manson’s Hollywood Hills mansion, my headlights wending their way around the near 180 curves in the road. My newly purchased cell phone rang every few seconds from the passenger […]


Life or death dilemma

Unfortunately, lately, I’ve been asked to sing at a few funerals. I don’t really like to do it, but I always feel a little obligated to do so. After all, they are in mourning and I may enhance a terrible […]


Preparing for life beyond the background

In a film someone has to drive the plot, someone has to be the hero, and someone has to get the whole thing rolling with the word action. Then someone has to stand in the background. And for the last […]

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