Painting in a bubble

Who are we writing for?

My dear friend Russell Young is an artist. He has been working on his new painting series for nearly three years. Very few people have seen the new works. Russell has painted in a bubble. His bubble being a dreamy […]

Mike Nichols

Of Mike and me

Warning: This is not a Mike Nichols tribute, nor a celebration of his genius – plenty of those have appeared online and in print this past week. What this is, is a brief “no tears” account of my collaboration with […]


Knowing when to push… and when to be patient

I’d consider myself a very patient person. I’m usually ok waiting for things I want, I let my kids make and fix mistakes to learn from them, I don’t hang up when I’m put on hold, etc. But when does […]

TV movies

How TV movies saved my life (and the world)

As described in Part 1 — “How TV movies saved my life” — I have spent the past three decades making TV movies in hopes of educating and, perhaps, enlightening audiences. Perhaps it may come as no surprise then that […]

Sex Ed

Everything I needed to know, I learned from ‘Sex Ed’

It was 2007, I recently finished AFI, and everyone knew I was looking to collaborate with a writer. I was working as head of development for a production company, and meeting with writers on the weekends to develop a project […]

LGBT movies

How TV movies saved my life

This past May, HBO aired The Normal Heart. Based on a play by Larry Kramer and inspired by his own experiences as an AIDS activist, the story describes a group of gay men who were involved in the very early […]

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