Just being honest

Well, I’m just being honest

I love where our culture is heading as far as embracing our individuality. Conversations are more exciting, people are more interesting, and it’s nice to not always feel judgment when admitting to quirky interests. The whole “be yourself no matter […]

Working mother

Crap, I don’t have time for Dad to have cancer

It was the fall of 2010 and over a year since I had returned to work from maternity leave. I’m one of those people who thrives on the energy around me (yes, I’m an extrovert) and when others are running […]


‘Unbroken’: Producing with patience

The most common question I’m asked about Unbroken, which I produced — and took 17 years to get into theaters on Christmas Day — other than “What’s it like to work with Angelina Jolie?” is “Did you ever think of […]


A case of mistaken email identity

I was sitting at the keyboard today, battling a case of Blinking Cursor Syndrome, when I decided to take a break and check my email. I hadn’t checked it in over forty-five seconds and, well, you know – there might […]

Pacific Coast Highway

So I’m a writer now, right?

When do you feel like you’ve arrived at being a bonafide writer? I took a while to come to terms with this, because I didn’t want to feel like I hijacked the title. For example, you can only say you […]

Dear Hollywood

Dear Hollywood

Dear Hollywood, I can no longer continue our relationship. You may have heard I was pregnant. Let me explain. When I joined the Peace Corps and arrived in Cambodia, all I could think about was you. Being in the “industry” […]

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