Preparing for life beyond the background

In a film someone has to drive the plot, someone has to be the hero, and someone has to get the whole thing rolling with the word action. Then someone has to stand in the background. And for the last […]


When in doubt… lie

There are more “experts” in Hollywood than probably any other profession in the known world. I should probably explain that if sarcasm font existed, the above would be bolded, underlined and italicized in it. When I’m not writing (or surfing […]

Sukkot theater

Sukkot, theatre and the power of impermanence

We have just come out of the high holidays, a period focused on the big existential questions – Who will live and who will die? Have we atoned for our transgressions? When we leave this Earth, what will we have […]

Dear White People

‘Dear White People,’ thanks for everything

I drove into work nervous, but determined. It was early March of 2013 and the previous night, I had experienced a revelation. It was time to quit my job and make my dreams a priority. That morning, I was going […]


The dreadful, dubious, daring dream of becoming a screenwriter

I am a military spouse and budding screenwriter. My plan many decades ago when I said “I do” to my newly commissioned Coast Guard ensign husband was to follow his career and write about the adventures it afforded us. I […]

Deadline clock

All deadlines are not created equal

I’m a wait ’til the last minute kind of gal. All through college I did my best studying the night before the final, burning the midnight oil in the library, long after the more disciplined students had closed their books […]

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