Ben Stiller

That time I walked Ben Stiller to his meeting

I don’t really have a ton of celebrity stories. I’ve never quite been the starstruck type. Aside from the one time I got stuck in an elevator with Todd Phillips and made him chuckle. I don’t even care if it […]

Window washing

The Windex factor

I wear glasses. I eat a lot of potato chips. I haven’t seen anything clearly in years. My glasses are in various states of opacity throughout the day. But the funny thing is, I usually don’t even notice until my […]


How to be a creative professional

Every artist has his or her own ritual; the right mood for creativity. They are all unique, but routine, nonetheless. Has the opportunity to do things on our own hindered our ability to feel the freedom of our art, or […]


Do it with passion or don’t do it at all

“Do it with passion or don’t do it at all” — this isn’t just a quote meme on Instagram, this is something that speaks to me every single day in every way possible. Do you ever sit back after a […]

Thumbs up

Friends with benefits

But not in the way you’re thinking. The term “friends with benefits” has a much different meaning for me. You see, as someone who is pursuing a career as an actor and writer, it has become a realistic truth that […]


Know when to fold ‘em

We are taught to make it work. Make it all work. Our friendships. Our jobs. Our business relationships. My grandma Gertie used to say “Well, that’s my lot in life.” Gertie, and so many of her depression era peers lived […]

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