Heebie Jeebies

Career advice from my 7-year-old gave me ‘The Heebie-Jeebies’

Life can be one hot mess. Any day can present us with a new mélange of frustration, fear and fixation with nothing to guide us to a safe haven. But it can also be a wonder. There are moments where […]


Art is cheaper than therapy

Don’t get me wrong, I like therapy just as much as any daughter of a social worker. But sometimes, having a creative outlet that is all your own – something that has nothing to do with work or money, or […]

diploma and drugs

I came to Hollywood with a degree in one hand and a drug addiction in the other

I came to Hollywood with a degree in one hand and a drug addiction in the other. Neither thing got me anywhere in the beginning. I got here in 1986. Life was very different in Hollywood then. It was much […]

Writing from the heart

10 things I’ve learned about writing from the heart

1. Write bravely. Sometimes I know I’ve written bravely, and other times I question and doubt myself. When other screen and TV writers share their words boldly, bleeding their heartfelt truth and humor, it reminds me that what I admire […]

Varsity Blues cast

How a 10-year-old script became’s “best football movie”

When called to invite me to participate in their Varsity Blues: 15 Year Anniversary Show, gushing over its “iconic” stature among football fans, I was once again reminded of the long road for the small movie that could. First, a […]


Labors of love

Since my post falls on Labor Day this month, I thought I’d dig up a little trivia about how the holiday originated. It turns out that the first Labor Day was actually celebrated on a Tuesday – September 5, 1882, […]

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