What are you dreaming about?

My kids are always telling me they had a bad dream when they’re clearly awake. At first I thought, “Oh, how adorable. They don’t know the difference between a dream and a thought.” But then I got to thinking: If […]

Garry Marshall

Thank you, Garry Marshall

I remember the exact moment when my life got a whole lot funnier. It was a cold NJ night in 1978. I was watching Happy Days with my parents, like we did every week. Obviously it was way before I […]

Outside Sales

Selling your house to finance a movie is a bad idea… But it worked for me

An agent once told me this business is all about hills and valleys, ups and downs. Without a doubt, the lowest I have ever been was the year after finishing my first film. It was 2007 and I was working […]

Robin Williams

Good Will Hurting

I’m about to do a thing that often irks me when I see others do it – connect myself to a tragedy that in reality has nothing at all to do with me. I guess we do it for cathartic […]

Social media

Social media: My self-esteem IV drip

As an actor/filmmaker, it’s probably no surprise to hear me admit that I have an addiction. In this case, an addiction to “what others think of me.” Oddly this is a new awareness for me and it’s left me with […]


The world’s pain is in our pockets, thanks to our iPhones

The only thing I can watch right now are reruns of sitcoms from the 80’s and QVC. The sitcoms because they are warm, kind and bring me back instantly to my childhood, when I didn’t know of the pain the […]

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