Mike Nichols

Of Mike and me

Warning: This is not a Mike Nichols tribute, nor a celebration of his genius – plenty of those have appeared online and in print this past week. What this is, is a brief “no tears” account of my collaboration with […]


Knowing when to push… and when to be patient

I’d consider myself a very patient person. I’m usually ok waiting for things I want, I let my kids make and fix mistakes to learn from them, I don’t hang up when I’m put on hold, etc. But when does […]

TV movies

How TV movies saved my life (and the world)

As described in Part 1 — “How TV movies saved my life” — I have spent the past three decades making TV movies in hopes of educating and, perhaps, enlightening audiences. Perhaps it may come as no surprise then that […]

Sex Ed

Everything I needed to know, I learned from ‘Sex Ed’

It was 2007, I recently finished AFI, and everyone knew I was looking to collaborate with a writer. I was working as head of development for a production company, and meeting with writers on the weekends to develop a project […]

LGBT movies

How TV movies saved my life

This past May, HBO aired The Normal Heart. Based on a play by Larry Kramer and inspired by his own experiences as an AIDS activist, the story describes a group of gay men who were involved in the very early […]


Killing your darlings

In my last post I made the loud-mouthed announcement that I would be attending a writer’s conference, and asked all of you to hold me accountable for finishing my manuscript in time to shop it around. Well, I’m proud to […]

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