I’m not a conspiracy theorist. It’s not that I think people are inherently good. Let’s be clear: I don’t and they’re not. Rather, I’m a cynic by nature, and I simply don’t believe that human beings are capable of covering […]


My inner Greg

Last weekend, my wife was away on a girls weekend and I did what I always do when I have all three kids on my own. I run them into the ground. Personally, I’ve always been the guy who likes […]


Things you learn on a playground

A few years back, my daughter who was about six at the time, had been watching me working on a screenplay and getting it ready for production. She has always loved and still does love watching the process of making […]



My kids are watching American Idol. And The Voice. And they watch America’s Got Talent and The X Factor when those shows are in cycle as well. And we find every music show that is on; we watched The Sing […]


My mistake

This past Saturday night, I had no choice but to restrain my wife. It’s true. My arms around hers. My hand covering her mouth. For those of you curious, there are photos and video of the event floating in the […]



Years before I had the good fortune of meeting my wife, I had a crush on someone who announced that she was temporarily moving away. The word I heard most clearly was “temporarily.” And brilliant strategist that I am, I […]

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