Pursuit of a Dream

Pursuit of a dream

As a young child growing up in Australia, I often dreamed of either being a classical pianist or being on stage playing with a band in front of thousands of screaming fans. From about the age of 2 or 3, […]

Girls playing in a fountain

Raising girls in Hollywood

I am the father of two girls. Evvy Delilah, 5, and River Gracie, 3. My daughters pick flowers, understand the power of crystals, prefer to be barefoot and love creating alternate lands filled with unicorns, alicorns and witches, who can […]


You never leave the Hollywood mailroom

You never leave the Hollywood mailroom. Trust me, you don’t. I know this because I just proved it this morning. My daughter is going to a performing arts camp and has her show on Friday. She got the part of […]


Mommy Yoda

I was forty-one years old when I had my son, and I had no idea how to be a mother. During those first weeks, I felt like I was on an Outward Bound expedition, dropped into the wilderness without food […]

Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ and life

If only life could be so neatly packaged like episodes and seasons of a television series. The summer my son Alex turned 13, our private apocalypse hit and we were raptured and thrown into another world. We thought we were […]

Little girl hula hooping

‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’

It was a scorching summer day. My husband and I agonizingly plodded along the 405 at rush hour against an invisible clock. Our Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) social worker had called us to say […]

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