A conversation with Colin Farrell

As an assistant in Hollywood, the workday never seems to end much earlier than 7:00 PM. Assistants are usually confirming or setting up meetings, rolling or receiving calls on behalf of their bosses until the very last minute of the […]


The unsung filmmaker

One thing I’ve noticed in this first week since my 42-year-old friend Eli Richbourg unexpectedly died is how someone you might have thought about a couple times a month can suddenly invade your every thought, how everything you do can […]


The Donner dogs are all ‘Super’ dogs

With the advent of Spring and the arrival of Passover and Easter, it’s natural for minds to turn to thoughts of life, death, renewal and the whole circle-of-life thing — whatever one’s religious or spiritual bent. This is probably especially […]


From Baja with love

When Becca Whitaker wrote a very persuasive school essay in spring of 2011 entitled, “Why My Family Needs a Dog,” her parents, Christine and Jim, realized that their then eight-year old daughter was very serious about her desire for a […]


Jeffrey: his needs made him special

When it comes to adoptability, I imagine that dogs and kids have a lot in common. Being young, cute and problem free has its advantages, although there are still no guarantees. With dogs, the puppies of the most desirable breeds, […]


Spielberg directs kids to ‘iWitness’ history

This article was reposted  from the Jewish Journal.  In a video, a Holocaust survivor remembers how he had to kill the family dog as he faced deportation to a wartime ghetto, where there would not be enough food for humans […]

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