Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato’s love is louder

If you had started your career when you were barely old enough to do up your own shoelaces, how do you think your life would look by the time you were 21? Demi Lovato danced with a purple dinosaur called […]

George Clooney

Celebrities and their secret lives

Everyday our TVs, radios, twitter feeds and conversations are filled with the latest celebrity gossip: “Singer caught with drugs at airport,” “Movie Star cheats on husband who has baby with other woman,” “Model puts on 5 pounds,” etc. But is […]

The Soloist

Fighting the stigma of mental illness one film at a time

Movie making is an intense and all consuming experience. Each time you start the journey, you create a bubble that surrounds your team, keeping everyone focused and protected from the interference of the “outside world.” A few years ago, I […]

Milk + Bookies

Milk + Bookies: Where celebrity storytellers celebrate the love of giving

A few weeks after my dad died, a good friend called to ask, “wanna bring your little one to a book party?” My immediate thought was, my dad would’ve loved this idea. An avid reader, he was the reason I […]


Watch great movies, change the world!

Why are films called “movies”? Is it because they are “moving images” as opposed to photographic stills? Or is it because they “move” viewers in a uniquely powerful way? Etymologically, the answer is the former. But while there are numerous […]

Furbush children

Attention Hollywood: These 2 kids need your help

I grew up in Framingham, Massachusetts. One of our claims to fame was that we were the biggest town in the country which is interesting because it never felt big. In fact, it felt like a small town. We all […]

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