Knowledge or Immortality: The Aaron Swartz Question

To read Danielle’s piece about Aaron Swartz, please click here.


Mozart was a pop star

Listening to, and playing jazz brings me closest to an experience that I would describe as “Divine.” However, jazz has become a bad word in many circles, as it often becomes merely a technical exercise. I moved to Los Angeles […]


Much ado about concept

What are Film Concept Models? Based on Winston Perez’s Concept Modeling work, these are cutting edge analysis tools on the raw material or basic ideas that glue a film together; he assesses all the ideas that lie underneath the story, […]


Enabling the disabled

Did you know that the population of disabled Americans is reaching 25% with returning war veterans? Unfortunately, the entertainment industry hasn’t quite caught up with these figures. Less than one percent, which is six characters, of network regulars are disabled. […]

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