A view from the back row

I am not a movie person.  Well, that’s not really accurate.  What I mean to say is I’m not a person who creates movies.  I have never held a boom or snapped a clapboard or sat in a director’s chair, […]


Google is more powerful than the gun

Our new film, LEGALIZE IT about Proposition 19 and the campaign to legalize marijuana in California, is almost complete. I usually don’t like sharing my films before they’re fully finished – but in the last election three states had legalization […]


Warne Marsh: the sound of jazz

Jazz, a music largely ignored by the American mainstream, has had more than its fair share of casualties; great, relatively unknown musicians who struggled to survive and be heard. Critic Whitney Balliett once described Jazz as “The sound of surprise.” […]


Can movies make money and make a difference?

When I was approached about writing for this journal, I was flattered that someone cared to hear what I might have to say.  But honestly, my first thought was, “There’s no way I can find the time to do this.”  […]


Mystery and wonder in “Searching for Sugar Man”

How could an artist of such originality and vision as Vincent Van Gogh sell almost no paintings in his lifetime?  Groundbreaking television series like The Wire struggled to find an audience during its initial run.  Searching for Sugar Man tackles […]


Persistence of vision

I went to film school too many years ago to discuss.  At the end of each year they would screen the films made by the various classes in our large lecture hall.  In my first year – excited to see […]

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