How I learned to stop worrying and love VOD

A few months back Sony announced it is coming out with its latest innovation – an 84” television that is 4k quality. That’s a 7 foot screen. Like having Kareem Abdul Jabbar laying diagonally across your living room wall. And […]


Beyond “The Invisible War”

To read Danielle’s piece about the Academy Award nominated documentary “The Invisible War,” please click here.


I dare you!

I grew up around the movie business.  My great uncle was a “big time agent”, and both my parents are established people in the film and television world.  So if I wasn’t on a set, I was sitting in front […]


Why can’t I be Tina Fey?

I love Tina Fey. I have a crush on her. A talent and writer crush. And a friend crush. I just want to be her best friend, but she already has a best friend named Amy. When I finished her […]


Media Maven Musings: The greatest show in the history of television

What if I told you there was a show on TV that gave you an up-close and personal view into the real essence of the human soul?  A show that strips away the trappings of everyday life, the walls and […]


2013 Grammys overflow with soul

Back in 1988 during U2’s acceptance speech for the Joshua Tree, garnering the award for “Album Of The Year”, I had one of those life changing experiences that LL Cool J referenced in his opening monologue during the top of […]

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