McFarland USA

‘McFarland, USA’: The Latino-American experience

Neil Patrick Harris made a telling joke on Oscar Sunday: “Today we honor Hollywood’s best and whitest — sorry brightest.” The sharply pointed and intentioned pun took aim at a problem that has dominated media chatter, leading up to the […]

Not forgotten

Gone but not forgotten

I watched Good Will Hunting last night. I hadn’t seen it since it first came out in 1997. To think that the very young Matt Damon and Ben Affleck wrote this as their first movie is amazing. I realize I […]

Oscars Men all stars

The Oscar Bowl 2015: Men’s All-Star Team

Well, if the dungeon’s a rockin’ – Y’all come knockin’ — cause it’s 50 Shades of Oscar!!! Gee, I’m giddy just anticipating all the potential craziness! Like, which actress will beat the red carpet presenters into submission? What if some […]

Oscar voting

Raise the bar with Oscar

The stage is set. Anticipation blows through the Hollywood Hills as strongly as the Santa Ana winds. It is both much ado about nothing and everything, all wrapped up into one tidy package of hype-machine. But, just as every good […]

Oscar actresses

The Oscar Bowl 2015: Women’s All-Star Team

Welcome to the Oscar Bowl a.k.a. the Super Bowl for movies! These events should prove to be nail-bitingly, nerve-wracking and full of fun! Just pull up a comfy chair and crack open a buffalo wing. Oh, it’s exciting – so […]

Heartwarming movies

10 films that will warm your heart

What does it mean for a film to be heart-warming? When the heart is activated by a good movie, it creates coherence and in this field so much more is possible in our lives (more on the science of this […]

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