Rearview mirror

You are what you watch

On a dark and chilly night in October, I finished up a binge-watching session of The Walking Dead and got in my car to drive to my mom’s house for the weekend. My car had been locked, inside my garage, […]


Politics & entertainment: Interchangeable?

Recently I was asked to attend a meeting between Congressman Adam Schiff‘s aide and the CARE organization. Guess what I found out? Politics is a lot like the entertainment industry. Below are five things I learned about the process: 1. It’s […]

Liar Liar

Tales from the trenches: Paul Guay pitches ‘Liar Liar’

In August of 2013 we published our book about pitching, “The Hollywood Pitching Bible”. While the book was intended to offer solid advice about selling projects for film and television, along the way we also discovered how the pitching process […]

Outside Lands

Outside Lands outtakes

For the third successive year in a row, I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday of last week in Golden Gate Park attending Outside Lands — a food, wine and music festival which has been held every year for the last […]

Robin Williams movies

To the man who made us all laugh

I wasn’t going to write about Robin Williams. In fact, I wrote a bunch last night and then deleted all of it. But as I awoke this morning, I couldn’t shake that this whole tragedy was really affecting me. And […]

Alfred Hitchcock

Happy Birthday Alfred Hitchcock

Hip-hip-hooray – It’s Alfred’s lucky day!!! (Well, not exactly, but if he were present, we’d be so much luckier ’cause he was a cinematic genius, witty, super inspiring.) Anyway, Happy B-day to iconic director, Alfred Hitchcock, who gave us thrills […]

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