You’re all set!

In the fall of 2007, my husband-and-writing-partner and I began production on the first episode of television we were ever asked to produce — an episode of Bryan Fuller’s Pushing Daisies called “Bitches” about a polygamist dog breeder (played by […]

Top 10 Spiritual Movies

Top 10 spiritual movies throughout history

What are the top 10 spiritual movies throughout history? Below is my humble attempt to try to list them. (Many of the summaries come from the movie’s description listed on Amazon.) 10. Conversations with God Based on Neale Donald Walsch’s best-selling, acclaimed trilogy, Conversations […]

Public radio

What the heck is public radio, anyway?

I’ve been working in public radio for about 7 years now, and I often take for granted people understanding what that actually means. When I worked in the movies business as a “D-Girl,” people often thought I was talking about […]

First teleplay

The write way

The first full teleplay my husband-and-writing-partner and I were paid to write was for a delightful show we were honored to be a part of called Pushing Daisies, created by the inimitable Bryan Fuller. The first few months in the […]



One of my father’s favorite mottos was “Think too long, get it wrong.” Granted, my father was not a contemplative, philosophical man and he got it wrong fairly often. Nonetheless, he taught me the power of iteration. What is iteration? […]

Decanter of scotch

The drama and the scotch

You know my feelings about sitcoms and sandwiches. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can read about it here. But can we discuss the dramas (including soaps) and the Waterford crystal bottle of scotch for a […]

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