Scary hands: Horror survival guide

The horror movie survival guide

Of late, I’ve been producing, among other genres, a number of horror movies: Chernobyl Diaries, The Crazies and the hit ghost story, The Conjuring. I’ve realized that should you find yourself in the middle of a horror movie, there are […]

Val Lewton

Val Lewton: Why his films fueled my childhood nightmares

I will never forget the scene in The Leopard Man where a young girl is sent out to get corn meal for her father’s dinner. Using only two eyes seen in the darkness, the roar of a passing train, chiaroscuro […]


‘Whiplash’: Fear and trembling

What is the most effective way for a teacher to motivate a student? Some may advocate nurture and encouragement, while others adopt fear and trembling. Whiplash is the bracing flip-side to Mr. Holland’s Opus, an exploration of how cruel and […]

Crazy Heart

‘Crazy Heart’ and second chances

Crazy Heart is the story of Bad Blake (Jeff Bridges), a fifty-seven-year-old chain-smoking alcoholic, country music singer trying to overcome his personal demons and find some sort of redemption in his life. On the surface, this plot sounds like a cliche country music song […]


The expansion of conscious media film festivals

In 2014, two new conscious media film festivals launched: the Illuminate Film Festival in Sedona, AZ, and the Awakened World Film Festival in Santa Barbara, CA. There are dozens more, including the recent Awareness Film Festival in Santa Monica, CA, […]


Do you hear colors?

Things I find endlessly fascinating: Bubble wrap. Pictures of baby sloths. Justin Bieber’s tabloid antics. Harry Potter analysis theories. The human brain. Lucky for you, I’ll be talking about the last one. Or maybe not lucky for you, if you […]

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