Now is the most important role of your life

Anyone who works in Hollywood knows that no movie or television show can be successful without advance preparation, reflection, and planning. Actors have to research characters to take on the personality, locations have to be scouted, and stages have to […]

Easter reflection

Valentine’s Day, Florence Henderson and Resurrection: An Easter Reflection

For most of my 55 years I have more-than-disliked Valentine’s Day. That’s because I have detested not having a “special someone” to spend it with and hated knowing it’s dumb to be so bothered about it in the first place. […]

Ebenezer Scrooge

Saint who?

If you were asked who the “Christmas Saint” is, you would probably say, “Saint Nicholas.” After all he was the prototype for Santa Claus. But I want to nominate another. I nominate Ebenezer Scrooge. Saint Ebenezer? “C’mon Man!” Well, when […]

Church Rescue

What’s a rabbi doing on a show called ‘Church Rescue’?

On Monday, December 23, the final episodes of a series called Church Rescue will air on NatGeoTV. One of the episodes is called “Shalom Improvement.” It tells the story of three Christian consultants who lend a hand to my shul, […]

Aristotle and the Bible

Grinding Aristotle

Once again 3D movies are all the rage. It seems whether or not you really want to see the 3D movie now playing, or you could pay a little less and see it in 2D, the fact that you can […]


Lights, Camera, Hanukkah

While Jewish holidays follow the lunar Hebrew calendar and thus the date that they are observed slightly changes from year-to-year, Hanukkah, the Jewish winter solstice festival, is the closest Jewish holiday to Christmas. With the commercialization of Christmas, there is […]

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